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Please stop putting that Ichigo was using his Bankai in Rudobon's Swordsmanship section. It has no bearing on anything. Ichigo is a skilled swordsman regardless of his Bankai.--GodPray  05:35,4/9/2011 

it does make a big difference,ichigo in his shikai state is far from the power he has in his bankai mode The tyrant kuma (talk) 05:39, April 9, 2011 (UTC)

It does not. Ichigo does not all of a sudden gain new skill in swordsmanship when he enters Bankai. He has the same amount of skill with a blade in both Shikai and Bankai. His Bankai allows for hyper speed combat thoug, something he did not use against Rudobon. Any further attempts at adding this will continue to be reverted--GodPray  05:41,4/9/2011 
actually it is,speed in using a sword=skills,i mean a slow fighter who takes a minute to defense himself from another sword will never be considered as a good swordsman
and anyways,why not just add ichigo was in it,it's a fact The tyrant kuma (talk) 05:53, April 9, 2011 (UTC) sorry for your signature,but somehow i can't write whitout taking it with me >.< annoying as hell
Please stop moving my signature. And no it will not be added as it is irrelevant.--GodPray  05:51,4/9/2011 

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