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Ok being that your new to editing on the site. I want you to know why i removed your question from the talk page. Hachigan's page has been referenced in detail. Kido under his powers as a former shingami (Reflected in TBTP) as well as is specifically under the hollowfication because the vast majority of spells he uses are after becoming a vizard. They are by and large creation of his own making and he is the only one shown doing using them. They are under there because if not for being a vizard he would not be able to do them. Shinigami do not possess powers similar to Orihime or Hachi, which has been stated. Also as you will see its all referenced so there is no question of whether it should be there or not. Also please take a look at the guidelines for the wiki Bleach Wiki:About. Thank You.Salubri 18:37, 8 August 2009 (UTC)

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