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Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- Arrancar109 (Talk) 18:07, March 17, 2013

Talk Page Activity

Hi! I'm Kamikaze839 of the Policy and Standards Committee. Please be aware that talk pages are for discussing maintenance and improvements to articles. What you have been posting is better suited for a blog or in the wiki forums. Thanks for your cooperation. --Kamikaze839 (talk) 18:43, March 17, 2013 (UTC)

I believe what I have been Posting are improvements to the Articles as you Improve the Articles by having More information about them on them and since I am providing Information based on Source Material and such things it is information that can be thought of and potentially used to post on the Articles thus improving said Article by having More information on the Articles Subject and such. Lordofninjas1 (talk) 18:53, March 17, 2013 (UTC)

We do not include things in the articles that have yet to be stated. None of what is known of Osho points to him being the Kido captain and your theory on Shutura is very stretched at best. This is no more than speculation at the moment. --Kamikaze839 (talk) 18:55, March 17, 2013 (UTC)

I understand that it is Speculation and that you don't post on Speculation (I even mention in the things that this is just Speculation and my opinion and such) but it is Speculation based on the Culture of the writer (in this case Japanese Culture) and information provided from the Source material and such. I'm not saying "oh you have to post this because it is correct information" because as far as I know I could be dead wrong all I am saying is based on the way that Kubo creates his characters and names them and such things and things mentioned in the Source Material I am making Logical assumptions that do make at least a little bit of sense that you guys may consider and think about and such (and while it is based on Evidence from source Material its not like I'm just pulling all this out of my butt and saying something like Ichigo is 200 Million years old or something (although I do know some people who would try to do that) so it does have some basis in whats Provided for us and again I'm not saying "post the information or I'll hate you forever and keep arguing with you about it and whatever" I'm just giving stuff to think about based on what we already have given to us and making Logical assumptions off of those things.) Lordofninjas1 (talk) 19:13, March 17, 2013 (UTC)

We're not saying you can't do that. However, talk pages are not the place to do it. As Kami said before, this type of content should be put in a blog or posted on the forums. Talk pages are places where decisions are made regarding changes to their respective articles, not where fans post their opinions.--Xilinoc (talk) 19:16, March 17, 2013 (UTC)

Except that these could potentially one day be a change to the Article and so a discussion needs to be made about it. its information about it and it fits in with the article we are just waiting for a yes or no from Tite Kubo as to whether they are accurate or not. and its not really my opinion its more of a "well we have this evidence that says this and everyone knows that this says this and it ties in with this part of the Articles description and so it may have a possibility of somehow tying into it one day" an opinion is basically "I think Ichigo Should Be a Girl (rattle off some reasons that don't have anything to do with In-Universe Material) so yeah" Opinion is "I hate this or like this because (rattle off non-In-Universe Reasons" while what I'm doing is something completely different therefore it is not an opinion. Lordofninjas1 (talk) 19:40, March 17, 2013 (UTC)

If the change is one day made to the article, it will be when it is expressly stated or shown in the manga, not because someone brought up the possibility of it being true beforehand. And yes, it is your opinion. You are taking various things about these characters and formulating theories on them. A theory is interchangeable with an opinion in this case, as it is what you think is true. Therefore, it is an opinion and speculation, something we do not allow. I would advise you to read the Speculation Policy as well as this blog before you respond.--Xilinoc (talk) 19:49, March 17, 2013 (UTC)

Information on the site is as it comes, we dont need to have discussions about maybe and what ifs to possibly put into articles some day. We dont create the story nor do we interpret content to put in the articles later on based on that. It is not our job to determine beforehand whats to take place or what can take place. That is entirely Kubo's job, unless your kubo anything stated is nothing more then opinion, assumption, speculation and at best the info we have may heavily favor something but unless shown or stated within the source material where there can be no question what is being said or taken place we do not put it into articles. Its that simple. Respect that and stop arguing with our staff please.--Salubri (Chat) 19:59,3/17/2013 
We are an "in the moment" Wiki, meaning that we only deal with what is currently concretely known, whether it be through Kubo's interviews or what is shown in the manga. We don't use what we have to look to the future, only focus on what we currently know. --Kamikaze839 (talk) 20:02, March 17, 2013 (UTC)


I don't have long it is very late here and I am unwell!! We understand your concern about the article but please understand that when something isn't done it is not out of laziness or anything like that it is because people are in the middle of other tasks!! It was I who was mentioning about doing something from over four years ago due to complications we haven't done them yet namely completely rewriting This Article and adding images to it at the same time which is very time consuming, if you compare the changes in the History of the article you will see just what I have changed and I am rewriting all the articles associated with that arc!! Getting angry at us for not doing one article is not really productive as we will do it when somebody has the time or opportunity!! People edit here of their own free will we do not order them to do so and expect the same in return!! So please be patient, the manga chapters are not my specialty so no doubt someone will get to it when they can!! Thanks!! SunXia (Chat) 02:11,5/25/2013 

oh. well hope you get well soon. not to be rude but if you notice I did state that I understand you guys are busy but that it could be construed as laziness and such. I also stated that I know that not everyone is in the middle of a task so someone should be able to do that. I'm not really sure what would take 4 years to work on that article as you could just watch all the needed episodes and such and keep notes and then just type all of it in. I have tested this and easily got through multiple arcs within only a few days. even with work and/or school and sleep you still have about 7 hours or a day to watch episodes (which equals out to about 14 Episodes a day) just saying, not trying to be rude just trying to be helpful I've added to articles and put pictures on them (not on here but other wikis) and its super easy and non-time consuming to do so at all (at the most it takes about a half hour to an hour) why are you completely rewriting the articles? just take out the incorrect parts and fix it with correct parts (again not trying to be rude or anything its just common sense and such). I'm not really getting angry I was just stating that it needed to be done and felt like no one was paying attention to me trying to be helpful in that respect (which I'm sure you know would make anyone feel upset or angry) and as I stated previously I know there are people who have the time and opportunity to do it but for whatever reason arent. I know people edit of there own free will I'm not asking you to command them to edit just pass it on like "hey this article isnt complete and I know you have some free time so if you are willing you could fix it and make the wiki better or you could pass it on to someone else you know that has free time (making it commanding but at the same time giving them the option of free will) I am being patient however that is the only way some people are able to get there manga fix (due to parental blocks on there computer, not knowing how to get to or access Manga sites etc.) I know some people like that and it will only make your wiki look better as it has complete articles and not just sporatic good article bad article etc. I know they aren't your specialty but I bet you know someone who it is there specialty and they have some free time so let them know that it needs to get done (like I said above commanding but with the choice of free will) and get them to do it. so yeah. again not trying to be rude just giving you options and ways to make things a lot easier on yourself and ways to improve the wiki and everything. so yeah. Lordofninjas1 (talk) 18:26, May 28, 2013 (UTC)

She's not saying it took her 4 years to complete, she's saying the article hasn't been worked on in 4 years because we've been busy with other things. Also, you yourself said you got through multiple arcs in a few days (sic). If this is so, you should easily able to read 1 chapter and write a summary. From my perspective, you still sound like you're trying to push work onto other people rather than do it yourself, and the fact that you're saying we're lazy for not doing 1 chapter summary isn't helping your case of "I'm not trying to be rude or offensive". Seems like sheer hypocrisy to me.--Xilinoc (talk) 21:12, May 28, 2013 (UTC)

If you continue to use the world lazy in regards to people here who actually add to articles then I will recommend another form of banning!! We are well aware of things that need done and things that need rewriting are in need of it for a reason, they do not have all the information that is required of them!! And you are writing essays on one thing, if the summary means that much then edit it and if it needs altering you will be informed!! Otherwise this insulting conversation is moot!! SunXia (Chat) 23:10,5/28/2013 

@Xilinoc: ok just a bit of confusion on the 4 year thing was all. Multiple arcs of the Anime in a few days (I think I specified that but if not then its the anime) and I havent really read a full arc of manga at all ever (especially since my computer doesn't do too well anymore) I'm not trying to push work on others as I've stated before I would gladly do it if I could and all that but I can't, and I'm not saying you are lazy (read again it says that what your doing from my opinion CAN BE CONSTRUED as being lazy).

@SunXia: again not using lazy, I said that I know you guys are busy but whats happening MAY BE CONSTRUED as being lazy. ok well if you are well aware of it then get them done, as I stated before I know you have people who aren't doing anything or whatever that can and are able to do them, and I know why things need to be edited and worked on and all that (that part didn't need to be said) just update it as the information comes in, easy right?. I'm writing "essays" because thats the only way I can get people to understand the full picture and all that. and as I've mentioned before I would love to do the summary if I could but for reasons previously stated I am unable to. not being insulting at all (I even say that I'm not being insulting or whatever) so that last part is just a waste of words and breath. Lordofninjas1 (talk) 23:39, June 1, 2013 (UTC)

What I find somewhat astonishing that you as a user would have the audacity to come on the site and tell people, who give of their free time from work and real life who edit here as much as they can, what they need or should be doing when you yourself have not contributed anything. Then on top of that you make a notion that people are lazy or as you put it can be construed as lazy in your own opinion. Then you say your not being insulting, which is interesting cause now your dictating how people should feel about how you speak to them, when the consensus seems to say your being insulting. Stating that you would do work but cant. As in you would if you could is also no excuse, if the world worked on i would if i could then this would be paradise. Regardless of your inability to do whatever yourself for whatever reason doesnt give you the right to tell other people they should do it when you dont take into account their own situation, its highly hypocritical. Then you state you know we have people doing nothing, it amazes me the level of clairvoyance you possess to tell someone that you know that they arent doing anything and therefore can work. Who are these people that you know arent doing anything? In short I dont think you need to be telling anyone what they should be doing and instead of writing long condescending messages explaining why your "not" being insulting you could be doing something more constructive with your time.--Salubri (Chat) 00:47,6/2/2013 

I know they give of there own free will and time (I never said they didn't so that didn't need to be said) I'm not saying they should be doing it I'm saying this needs to get done by somebody (as I've stated before would if I could) so that they know so that they can better the wiki and such. being lazy and construed as lazy are 2 different things and yes the actions and way things were done can be seen as being lazy. I'm not trying to dictate anything, I'm saying that the way that I intended things to come across and such wasn't meant in an insulting way, I'm not saying feel this way I'm saying that my intention was different then how you may think of it. explain your thoughts as to how a world of "I would if I could" would be paradise, I can think of some things that won't make it paradise. how am I not taking into account there situation? did you not see that I even mention "I know you guys are busy and have stuff to do" if thats not taking there situation into account I don't know what is and again I'm not saying they should do it I'm just saying that its something that needs to get done. I'm not saying that the people I was specifically talking to weren't doing anything, I was saying that there were users on the wiki who aren't doing work or important things for the wiki and have time to do so. I haven't paid any attention to names or pictures or anything but I know that there are people who are that way. again I'm not telling anyone what they should be doing only that something needs to get done. the messages are long so that I can cover all the points you make and such and so that you can usually get the full picture of whats going on (the better and more detailed the better and easier it is to understand). again intention was not to be condescending, I know I can come across like that at some points in time and I am working on it but that isn't my intention or anything. I would be doing something more constructive if there was more constructive things to be doing and I have been trying to be helpful and constructive (don't tell me that I'm not because I know I am at least trying to be). and I thank you guys for finally posting the summary for the chapter, see all I was doing was trying to be helpful and have you guys improve the wiki (which I finally succeeded in) doesn't it feel good to have something in order and complete and everything then have to worry about it? not to mention that that is the only way some people can actually get the manga and everything (due to parental blocks on there computers, not knowing of any manga sites and/or not knowing manga can be found online, etc. etc.) so you are in turn being helpful and better for users and everything else, again doesn't that feel good? Lordofninjas1 (talk) 19:57, June 6, 2013 (UTC)

Chat Ban

Hey there. I was the one who banned you from Chat. Firstly, do not edit the archives of someone else, those messages are Archives and they will get no notification and those discussions are considered closed. Secondly, I will not be giving you the ability to Chat here as the reason I banned you because you were insulting people and then you continued the argument on Talk pages. You then began to yell in chat which violates another rule and refused to listen to the Chat Moderators. You will not be unbanned from chat. SunXia (Chat) 20:05,7/24/2013 

Ok I understand the reasons why you banned me but your rules state that the first chat ban is only for 2 weeks and since its been longer than that and I havent been unbanned you are in fact breaking your own rule, which I know you Hate doing. Lordofninjas1 (talk) 08:12, July 26, 2013 (UTC)

Re: Unbanning Me

This Discussion is Closed
Please do not edit this discussion.

I think you're misunderstanding something here. That policy violations guide is meant to provide lengths of time for edit blocking, not chat bans, so no, it does not apply to your chat ban and does not provide a set length of time for it.--Xilinoc (talk) 17:03, August 9, 2013 (UTC)

it doesn't say specifically for Edit blocking, so by that technicality it does apply. and it is exactly the same as what you guys blocked me for so it still stands. and since everything else is 2 weeks and I have been good and stuff I have to be unbanned, I've only been bugging you guys about it because there has to be a limit, as no ban ever (no matter for what it may be) is infinite the first time around, and since it is my first ban it can't be infinite, and like I said I've been good and haven't been causing problems and such so at the very least time should be taken off my "sentence", and I have apologized as well so that should take even more time off of it, so really I should be unbanned by this point in time since I have been good and apologized and stuff. Lordofninjas1 (talk) 20:04, August 11, 2013 (UTC)

It may not say it, but it was created with blocking in mind. Kami is already thinking about making one for chat bans, but this is not for that. And in all honesty, I cannot see a reason for unbanning you since you have literally made no mainspace edits or actual contributions to this wiki - every edit you've made has been on a talk page. Chat is for users who actually contribute to this wiki and are interested in editing. If you had at least made the effort to contribute to the wiki in the time since you were banned, I might have considered unbanning you. However, your failure to do so then and lack of doing so now proves to me that you're only interested in complaining about things you can do yourself, passive-aggressively insulting others for not doing said things when they have other things to do, and doing nothing but chatting, so I see no reason to unban you when you've clearly shown that you just want to chat and not help.--Xilinoc (talk) 20:29, August 11, 2013 (UTC)

well for now until the Chat ban thing happens I am going by those rules since its the only ones that we have. I have tried to make mainspace edits and other such things of that nature but you guys have shot down all the ones I've tried to make and I have had bad expieriences with putting perfectly good and legit info on other Wikis so I've been kinda wary as to put any actual legitimate and helpful info on here mainly for the reason that every other time including here I have been shot down or whatever. and I was trying to contribute to the wiki by letting you guys know that that had to be done but you just got mad at me and shot it down and stuff, and I do have an interest in editing but again since all the legitimate and perfectly good info I've tried to provide has been shot down or just completely ignored. I haven't made any edits in my ban time because there has been nothing for me to edit or add on to what has already been there (I guess I could just go in and edit all the edits on different pages and things of that nature but that would start a whole nother argument and probably wouldn't count anyways) I'm not interested in complaining in fact quite the opposite, I was just providing information to be helpful, nothing of what I said was trying to be complaints at all and was just simply trying to be help, but then you guys ignored my help and so I did call you guys names and stuff because of that. again I know I can do it myself but I don't have the time to, its a shared computer, I don't know what you guys want on there, etc. etc. I've told you that already, multiple times in fact. so its basically a "I would if I could but I can't" type thing. I wasn't passively aggressively insulting others, I've stated multiple times that I understand that you were busy but that there were others that could do it and to let them know to do it and stuff and that by not letting them know and/or not accepting the help I was trying to provide it came across as you guys being Lazy and all the other things I called you. I've done nothing but chatting because thats the only thing I was allowed to do that wasn't shot down or completely ignored or anything like that. I've actually been trying to help this whole time (trying to help make the wiki better and operate smoother and such things of that nature) but again I've just been shot down and ignored and such so its kinda been hard to do that, I haven't chatted at all until that one time I did, and in fact I have no interest in chatting whatsoever I just did it that one time cause that was the only way I could think of to actually get you guys to listen and notice my help and stuff since everything else was for naught, I've just been trying to get unbanned from Chat in case I feel I need to get on there sometime for you guys to finally listen to what I have to say again and discuss it amongst yourselves and stuff, and I also feel that its a right that I should have since I haven't complained or done anything to count against the unbanning, and edits to non-chat related material shouldn't even count. you may not count what I've been saying and doing as helping but to me all of what I've been trying to do and all my intent was to be helpful and make the wiki better and stuff like I have said before, I have been trying to help the whole time though, thats it, everything has been trying to help, nothing else, and think of it this way if you were trying to help and that was your intent and you were in the situation I stated above of being shot down or just completely ignored everytime you tried to help and nothing else but help, you would be pissed off too and start calling people names and start arguing and complaining and stuff like that too, thats exactly what has been happening here. but anyways I'm sorry I have to be repetitive but that seems to be the only way for people to get it and understand it and stuff, all I was trying to do was help enhance the wiki for the users and make the wiki better and more popular with that, but I was always just shot down or ignored and so all this happened, and again I would if I could but I cant, and technically speaking since you guys are the bosses of the "company" if one of your "employees" says that they don't know anything about a certain subject or something like that you have one of 2 options, 1) tell the employee what you want done with it (what words to put, what information you want in the summary, how long the summary has to be, what not to put in the summary, etc. etc.) or 2) get someone you know knows how to do it and ask them to do it since it needs to be done and you know it has to be done, telling the "employee" who doesn't know what hes doing and doesn't have the time or proper equipment within the computer to do it themself when the have no idea what they are doing and telling them "we will come through and clean up your mess later" basically is redundant and a waste of time, and not very logical. so finally in conclusion, I would if I could but I can't and all I was trying to do was help, thats it, nothing else. Lordofninjas1 (talk) 22:39, August 15, 2013 (UTC)

I'm honestly not sure what you mean by "shot down". You haven't made any edits for us to undo/revert, and the only edits you suggested being made you wanted other people to do, so I'm not seeing any validity. I've tried putting myself in your situation, but I still can't justify your actions.--Xilinoc (talk) 23:02, August 15, 2013 (UTC)

Listen, being banned from chat does not mean you cannot edit on the wiki. You cannot rightfully say all your edits have been "shot down" because you haven't made any mainspace edits. You could easily make plenty of constructive mainspace edits instead of complaining on your talk page about your chat ban in 5,210 byte walls of text. It's not "I would if I could but I can't" with you, it's "I would if I could but I don't want to." If you actually tried to make some actual edits, and they were good edits, they wouldn't be reverted just because you're banned form the chat. You have plenty of time to complain about your ban, so you should have plenty of time to actually contribute. Very few articles are locked, and you can edit pretty much anything. There are plenty of projects on the wiki that need help, but you have not shown ANY interest in doing so. Take some time, stop complaining about your ban, make some actual edits, and then maybe, just maybe, your chat ban will be lifted. KenjiSchiffyTalk to meView my work23:04,8/15/2013 UTC

@Xilinoc: read through it again I say I've been wary to make edits, even though I have good and reliable and useful information because every wiki I have tried to edit with good helpful useful and 100% legit information has been reverted and all that stuff, so I've been kinda wary that even though I can be a good help and have good information that if I edit it into an article that it'll just get reverted because of reasons such as "oh you didn't put it in the right way" or "even though you have 100% legitimate confirmed information, confirmed by the creators, or at the very least obviously hinted at by the creators, we can't allow you to put the information on here until it actually happens type thing" and a bunch of other things, I also explained why I "wanted other people to do it" and its a legitimate and good reason whether you think so or not, I have no Idea what to do or what you want on the articles or whatever else, so I suggested that others do it simply for the fact that they already know what they are doing and know how they are supposed to do it and everything, I even used the Employer, employee analogy to better describe this, you guys are the employer who needs something done but they don't have the time to do it themselves so they leave it for there employees (the editors) to do but one of the employees doesn't know what they are doing or what the employer wants done with it or put in it or anything like that and lets the employer know that, so logically and very smartly the employer should either a) inform the employee of what they want done with it what to put into it etc. etc. so that the employee has a better understanding instead of "just do it and we will clean up your mess later" or b) get an employee who has already done it before and knows what they are doing to do it since they have already done it before and know what they are doing they could get it done the way the employee wants it and not have to have the employer "come back and clean up there mess later" and probably could get it done a lot faster and better than the newbie. as I said I would love to do it but I don't have the skills or knowledge of what you guys want in it or anything, so logically I cannot make informed decisions or edits or anything like that until such time as I am informed on what to do or someone else who is clearly better than me at it does it. so yes I would like others to do it, but not because I'm wanting control or lazy or anything, its because I have no idea what you guys want me to do and it would make more sense to have someone who has already done it before to do it. so there is the validity. and why can't you justify the actions? you obviously didn't put yourself in the situation good enough, or didn't put all your effort into it, or really didn't do it and just said you did.

@Schiffy: I know it doesn't mean that I cant edit on the wiki (read what I say again I say nothing of the sort). I can say that (read above on my reply comment to Xilinoc), and I'm not complaining (read my previous comment, the one that you replied to), you are again wrong, I totally do want to and would actually be happy to do it, its that I cant (read my reply to Xilinoc above to understand this as well, and the comment you replied to) I know the edits wouldn't be reverted because of the chat ban (again read my comment you replied to I say nothing like that). again not complaining. and I would very much like to contribute to the wiki, all I've been trying to do this entire time is help, but I have no idea what to do or what you guys want or anything (read the comment you replied to and the above to Xilinoc again). I know very few articles are locked and I can edit anything (that didn't need to be said) and again I hate to be repetitive but it seems to be the only way people understand, I would gladly edit anything, but I don't know how or what you would like me to do or what you want in different things or how you want different things done and stuff like that (read the comment to Xilinoc above again). I am totally interested in helping out, I just have no idea where you guys want me to help out or what you guys want me to do to help out or how you guys want me to help out or anything, I've said that before. I'm not complaining, I've already said that, and I would make edits but IDK which pages to edit or what you guys want me to edit on those pages or how you want me to edit it or anything like that (like I said above I could just go through and put random things on different pages, since technically it would count as editing pages, but I know that that wouldn't be approved or allowed or anything like that otherwise I would probably do that). so basically I would if I could but I cant, and I'm totally willing to help, but you guys have to help me help you, if you get what I'm saying. or the second option as I have said numerous times above is to have someone who is already skilled in doing those things to do them since they know what they are doing and how to do it and all that, I'm not saying that because I want control or because I'm lazy but simply because I have no idea what to do or how to do it or anything like that. Lordofninjas1 (talk) 19:12, August 17, 2013 (UTC)

Alright, I didn't want to have to do this, but I'm going to close this discussion. We're certainly not making any headway in this conversation, since you keep adamantly denying anything and everything we're saying, and it's gone on long enough. Bottom line is, help out and the possibility of unbanning you will rise, don't help out and you won't get unbanned. In regards to your apparent explanation for why you are wary of making edits, you shouldn't be applying that mindset to all wikis, and especially not this one. However, I can understand what you mean not knowing what to do, so please read this blog for information regarding helping the wiki. Again, it's black and white here: help and the chance rises, don't help and you'll remained banned.--Xilinoc (talk) 23:20, August 17, 2013 (UTC)

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