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Yeah, I probably didn't need to revert all the edits, but I am getting rid of anything concerning the manga ("Zangetsu is the only one who appeared on the manga cover"). While that statement is true, and while Zangetsu is the only known spirit to take the same appearance both in the inner world and materialized world, this entire arc features Zanpakuto spirits who take human forms, some which are NOT recognized by their wielders. While some may disagree, we're avoiding bridging this between into the main manga representation, since, as mentioned, most spirits are new to this arc, and additionally, Zabimaru and Hyorinmaru never had human forms in the manga. I don't see why we should make Zangetsu an exception, even though his appearance stays the same. Some people might get the idea it would be okay if we did the same thing with Zabimaru and Hyorinmaru as well, when we already stated that we wouldn't do it. Arrancar109 16:55, September 29, 2009 (UTC)Italic text

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