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  • Zulfiq

    So the chapter with Pepe shitting in his pants after seeing Giselle,who in turn is eager to eat him for revenge!!!! "Kids we got a hot cupid fried in hot subflower oil for dinner". Next we see Tenjiro struggling to even land a single hit on Yhwach and Senjumaru comes in with her reverse harem(they seem strong,mind you) To show Mr Buckbeard his place. She closes in front of Yhwach but somehow no attacks can come close to him. Then it is revealed that Sternitter W The Wind, Nianzol Weizol behind him. (I swear only nyan cat can kill this guy). Finally we see Urahara being Urahara as he prepares to launch Ichigo to the Soul King's Palace.

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  • Zulfiq

    Well I'll be honest. This question has been bugging me for quite some time. Both of the Ichigo's are extremely strong. But I was just curious, in a comparison who would prove to be stronger of the true.

    Arguements for Ichigo 1:- 1.His spiritual pressure exceeded Aizen's. 2.He could 1 Hit KO anybody else at that time. 3.He Mugetsu. 4.He defeated Aizen.

    Arguements for Ichigo 2:- 1.He is the latest transformation. 2.He will most probably fight the main villain aka Yhwach. 3.Dual Zangetsus look cooler. 4.He now knows about the true origins of Zangetsu.

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  • Zulfiq

    Possible Bankai

    January 7, 2014 by Zulfiq

    In this arc I have been thinking about the bankais of various Ichigo's new zangetsu would be just melee type or would have a special ability Kenpachiiiiii's Shikai will be badass,period. Hisagi's bankai is also interesting as it is already so cool in shikai. I think Kira is dead now.

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