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  • I live in World of Pyrus/New Domino city/Leaf village/Pallet Town/third earth
  • My occupation is pyrus brawler/duelist/Leaf Ninja/soul reaper/Pokemon Master/thundercat
  • I am Male
  • Zmanstardust

    I wanted to ask you guys and take a poll of this question i have.

    SO i hope you find this interesting have a discussion with comments if it is allowed.

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  • Zmanstardust

    ok bleach manga fans, we saw today in the chapter that captain hitsugaya explained Ichigo wasn't the first subsitute soul reaper. Ginjo was actually a subsitute soul reaper. how weird that he was a defect or something he did to get banished as a subsitute soul reaper.this whole back story i think that the next chapter will reveal some new detail on subsitute soul reapers and also since ichigo is a better person than ginjo i that was a awesome moment that the captain-commander said that everyone will restore ichigo's powers. so i hope the next chapter truly tells us a little more and also has some intense action.

    Zmanstardust (talk) 05:39, August 26, 2011 (UTC)

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