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    Ok, so I was originally going to post this as a comment on Godisme's blog, but it became too long, so I'm putting it as a separate blog.

    I'm pretty sure we all knew this was coming. It's the final arc, I was half-expecting a lot of people to die. The way they're dying, however, I agree is utter bullcrap.

    I mean, right off the bat Sasakibe died (which didn't actually bother me too much), then Kira gets taken out of commission (which I honestly thought was extremely stupid, they should have taken out one of the newly introduced seated members), Ichigo is trapped, Byakuya is presumed dead, Kenpachi defeated, and now Yama is one-shotted by a sword made of reishi?! Don't you think that with Byakuya and Yama's level of proficiency they would know …

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