Bleach info!!! With Yuki soma. >.<

Yo!!! Yuki here what's up?! This is my first time doing this so go a little easy on me kk? Ok then let's start.^-^

Ok here's some info about Hirako Shinji and some of the vizords... Hirako was really the first captain of 5th company not Sosuke Aizen, believe it or not if you know who all the vizords are then you should also be aware that they all used to be captains and assistant captains 110 years ago until Aizen used them for his own twisted experament that turnd almost turnd them into hollows but luckily Kisuke Urahara ex captain of 12th company found a way to revers some of the effects on Hirako Sinji and the others but it was not completly reversed, so know Shinji and the other ex captains and assistant captains are half shinigami and half hollow they are known as vizords because they have both soul rep abilitys and hollow abilitys. Oh I almost forgot to tell you when the vizords want to use there hollow powers or hollowfication they gain this hollow mask that increases there spiritual presher and power rapidly. If you want to see this transformation yourself then look it up on YouTube just tipe " bleach hollowfication or Shinji hollow transformation ".

Well thats all for know, but don't worry I'll fill you in on more bleach information tomorrow well I'll see you all later see ya!!! ^-^

                                                         -Yuki Soma ^.^

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