I dunno why we all get soo worked up on this Aizen issue lol we all know that rite after Gin slahes Aizen or Aizen slashes Gin, Ichigo will show up and he'll be able to control that new hollow form( for a short while, but long enough to defeat Aizen) and kick Aizens butt. I mean really look at the facts and similarities, Aizen has long hair in his new form, Ichigo has long hair in his new form, im not saying wat your probably all thinking, "Just because they both have long hair doesnt mean there gonna fight", But really WHOS LEFT! there is no one else strong enough to fight Aizen. Now me personally i really wish that all the captains showed up and tried to take him on again (they would all be healed thanks to Retsu Unohana) that would be awesome! But in the end it has to be ichigo that finishes the main antagonist because hes the main protagonist (this is a fact in most cases) . I knew Gin wasnt gonna be able to kill Aizen but he surely did keep us at the end of our seats eh? But i just wanted to vent that realy quick lol.

Comments appreciated, AND FEEL FREE TO SPEAK UR MIND LOL!

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