Hello Bleach Fans out there,

I am new to bleach wiki, i have been watching the show and manga ever since it came out and i fell in love with it, i absolutelty fell in love with the characters and the story.I am always on here but never thought to make an account so i made one a few months ago and i look at everyones blog pages and decided to make one. i wanted it to be somethin a little new and fresh. so heres what i got. we all talk about the characters on bleach but ive only seen a few people who actually state who there favorite characters are, so what im asking of all of you is simple, all you have to do is list your favorite charaters or chracter from bleach, list who your favorite character/chracters are and reasons why. you dont have to put a reason why you can just put who your favorites are, or you can put who you dislike the most or you can do both or one or the other lol, i just wanted this to be a way that i can bond with my fellow bleach lovers across the bleach universe with me! COMMENTS ARE APPRETIATED!!

Ill start...


If you already knew it was...Yoruichi Shihoin. i really love Yoruichi because i like the fact that shes one of the few black characters in bleach and she is also one of the strongest. she constanly surprises me and is no force to recon with! lol

2nd Soifon(LOve Her)

Soifon is a very dynamic character i love her mean attitude and her women empowerment toward the series she also kicks but!!!


Gin is very amusing to me he has that whole male mystery that attracts me to him and hes soo creepy GOTTA LOVE'EM.

4th Kisuke Urahara

I really like kisuke because of his care free attitube toward things but when he feel that the people he cares about are in trouble he can be a deadly foe.


I just think he is eye candy i love his ruggedness about him he is sooo fine lol.

6th Sousuke Aizen

EYE CANDY! he is soo fine i love when he gives those Denzel Washington gazes to people it just send a shiver down my spine!!


1st Rukia

Im sorry i know this is goin to make alot of people mad but i cant stand Rukia i know, i know,we all love her but i just think she isnt very interesting i like her background but herself as a person isnt very interesting. hey were all entitled to our own opinion.

2nd Byakuya Kuchiki

OMG im sorry guys but i know alot of people like him BUT I CANT STAND HIM, i just thinks hes very arrogant and acts like a jerk toward everyone. i was soooo happy when ichigo beat him down in the beginning.

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