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  • Yoruichigoddessflashes

    I dunno why we all get soo worked up on this Aizen issue lol we all know that rite after Gin slahes Aizen or Aizen slashes Gin, Ichigo will show up and he'll be able to control that new hollow form( for a short while, but long enough to defeat Aizen) and kick Aizens butt. I mean really look at the facts and similarities, Aizen has long hair in his new form, Ichigo has long hair in his new form, im not saying wat your probably all thinking, "Just because they both have long hair doesnt mean there gonna fight", But really WHOS LEFT! there is no one else strong enough to fight Aizen. Now me personally i really wish that all the captains showed up and tried to take him on again (they would all be healed thanks to Retsu Unohana) that would be a…

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  • Yoruichigoddessflashes

    I am soooo upset with Bleach right now! I mean we spent months watching the manga and seeing Aizen wipe out anyone who stood his way from the Captains of the Soul Society to the Visoreds to Yoruichi, Urahara, and Isshin, I mean really whats it gonna take to defeat him! lol my greatest concern is the whole not using zanpkuto releases. Why didnt Urahara, Yoruichi, Isshin, Captan Yama, Shinji, Shunsui. I mean i know that Kubo wants to keep us guessing but its really ruining it for me I WANT TO SEE SOME BANKAIS LOL. Now the Arc has taken a turn for the worst now Aizen and Gin are moving the battle to the Soul Society. My prediction is that Kirio HikiFune might come and fight Aizen while Ichigo and his father fight Gin. Hopefully Yoruichi and U…

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  • Yoruichigoddessflashes

    Hello Bleach Fans out there,

    I am new to bleach wiki, i have been watching the show and manga ever since it came out and i fell in love with it, i absolutelty fell in love with the characters and the story.I am always on here but never thought to make an account so i made one a few months ago and i look at everyones blog pages and decided to make one. i wanted it to be somethin a little new and fresh. so heres what i got. we all talk about the characters on bleach but ive only seen a few people who actually state who there favorite characters are, so what im asking of all of you is simple, all you have to do is list your favorite charaters or chracter from bleach, list who your favorite character/chracters are and reasons why. you dont hav…

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