• Yachiru kusajishi22

    Bleach 379...

    October 26, 2009 by Yachiru kusajishi22

    Bleach 379 showed Ichigo unable to form his Hollow mask after awakening his full Hollow in his fight with Ulquiorra. Rukia noticed that the markings had been changing on his mask over time, up until then. I think that maybe he no longer has a connection with his inner Hollow. My theory is that Ichigo will have to somehow have to find a way to get that power back in the future. Trust me the Bleach series is far from over...this season is leaving many openings for another season. Also in Bleach 379 captain Kenpachi and Byakuya had to save Ichigo in his fight with Yammy. My other theory is that the captains might get more involved. I think it'd be cool if captain Unohana got into the fight? We haven't really seen her fight and I'm wandering a…

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