I found it rather interesting that the Espada fell to thier own vices and themes metaphoric battles and all that...perhaps I read too deeply into this but...well for you eyes:

  • 9 Aaroniero - The Glutton who is defeated by his own Greed, reallying on Kaien's memories to defeat Rukia it is those memories or rather lack thereof that ultimately lead to his defeat
  • 8 Szayel - The Scientist, his battle with Mayuri is representative of the Scientifics world for one study to make another pointless. Old science being swept aside by new Science...a little harder to explain but I hope you all get my meaning.
  • 7 Zommari - Okay this one I had a little trouble with....any suggestions
  • 6 Grimmjow - A destructive being whose penchant for violence caught him up...the moral here? Nothing is invincible even destruction catches up to itself eventually
  • 5 Nnoitora - Live by the sword...die by the sword.
  • 4 Ulquiorra - A Nihilist who is defeated when his foe no longer was able to recognise himself.

Okay...not great I know but the next three are the ones that matter

  • 3 Hallibel - Aspect of death: Sacrifice - Ultimately sacrificed by the author to get Aizen into the fight faster. Although you could say she was sacrificed by Aizen after she no longer served a purpose.
  • 2 Barragan - Decay vs preservation, the iconic struggle of Humanity to hold old age at bay....a more genius fight I have never seen. Tite Kurbo really did his Manga justice here
  • 1 Stark - Aspect of Death: Loneliness, he lived alone and was in such great despair that he "created" company for himself from amidst his own soul. He begins a game with Starrk and as a social activity with a being whose feelings are somewhat alike, he 'loses' his solitude and is defeated by "the power of friendship"...a fitting and intriguing end.

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