Well, that was a lot of information.

It turns out Yhwach knew he'd be creating discord in the ranks by nominating Uryū as his successor, the clever bastard, and he did so because Uryū possesses something which can surpass even Yhwach's powers, which is why he survived Auswählen. Bercause of this, he's the "last survivor", which means there are other Quincy, he's just special. Thankfully, Kubo didn't forget/bullshit the explanation of this.

So Bambietta (at least I think it's Bambietta) is kind of lewd, since she pretended to be inviting a soldier to bed with her only to cut him in half. And now, we have 4 more Stern Ritter: Liltotto Lamperd, Meninas McAllon, Candice Catnipp, and Giselle Gewelle. Well, at least these name kind of sound normal. Anyhow, it appears Bambietta is worried about the future of the Vandenreich, likely due to Uryū. Also, she can apparently blast square-shaped Heilig Pfeil or something.

And of course, we're back to Haschwalth, who has an attendant who cares about him. It seems everyone's concerned, since he was the prime candidate until Uryū showed up. As it turns out, he knows Yhwach created discord in the ranks so Uryū would be forced to follow him. It'll be interesting to see where this goes, since Haschwalth has always come off as the cold, aloof guy with strict loyalty.

And oh my god, pigs may fly: we're back in Hueco Mundo. Orihime's at some ruins, and now she has a companion, which is another invention of Urahara's. We still don't "know" who the mysterious guy is, but things are getting serious: Urahara's analyzing Quilge's medallion. Oh snap, son.

Overall, another good chapter. Though kind of packed with information, Kubo cleared up quite a few things in one go, which is always nice, and actually returned to Hueco Mundo.

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