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Hello, and welcome to part of a series of blogs dedicated to helping users become better editors on Bleach Wiki. This blog is about the Spoiler Policy.

What's the Spoiler Policy?

The Spoiler Policy is a policy designed to keep information from unreleased chapters and episodes from being added to articles.

What does a spoiler look like?

Let's say someone had access to the raw (original Japanese version, released in the weekly Jump) of the next chapter. Chapters usually release online every Wednesday, which is when we add information to the wiki. However, if someone released information contained within that chapter before Wednesday onto the wiki, that would be considered a spoiler, as it has not been officially released yet.

What isn't a spoiler?

However, just because someone says Isshin is a Shiba does not mean they are spoiling the next chapter. They are likely just saying what they think will be revealed next chapter, not releasing the information early. Don't jump on everyone for their opinions. If they say it's simply their opinion, they aren't violating the policy.


No one likes to have the information of a story spoiled (remember Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? Yeah).Avoid spoiling information from unreleased chapters and you'll do fine.

Please read for more information.

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