Hello, and welcome to part of a series of blogs dedicated to helping users become better editors on Bleach Wiki. This blog is about Proper Trivia.

What's Trivia?

Trivia is a piece of information which, while interesting to note, has no place within the Overview, Appearance, Personality, History, Plot, or Powers and Abilities sections of articles, due to being out-of-universe and/or not entirely important to those sections, and thus is placed in a separate section titled Trivia.

What does improper Trivia look like?

Consider the following:

"While never explicitly stated by Tite Kubo, Ichigo's latest Hollow form is a Vasto Lorde-level Hollow."

This is a prime example of bad trivia.

  1. It has no source, first and foremost.
  2. It contains speculative information. Since Kubo has never stated it, nor have we been shown enough Vasto Lorde-level Arrancar to draw a comparison, we cannot state it to be true.
  3. There was no discussion prior. For the most part, before adding trivia to articles, you should consult the opinions of others on the article's talk page. This way, you can confirm whether it is worth adding.

Other reasons for trivia being bad include:

  1. Listing the character in question as part of a subset of characters who share something in common, an example being "Ichigo is one of four characters who carry their Zanpakutō over their back, the others being Tōshirō Hitsugaya, Hiyori Sarugaki, and Love Aikawa.". Ichigo carrying his sword over his back is something which can be gleaned from reading the article, and there is no point in listing comparisons. The one exception to this rule is if it is something directly stated by characters within the series or by Kubo himself, i.e. Ichigo's remarkable similarity to Kaien Shiba, something many people have commented on.
  2. Listing how many times someone has done something within the series, an example being "Currently, Tōshirō has used his Bankai more than any captain, and any character other than Ichigo Kurosaki: a total of 4 times in the manga, 6 in the anime (including his fight against Gō Koga and the Cloning Arrancar,) and 9 times total (this includes the second OVA, the first movie and the second).". This is not relevant nor important to the article/character.
  3. "Ulquiorra Cifer is the most powerful character in Bleach."

...I think you can tell what's wrong with that kind of trivia.

What does proper Trivia look like?

Consider the following:

"Tite Kubo has stated in an interview that Mayuri is his favorite character to draw."<ref>''Bleach'' Official Character Book SOULS</ref>

  1. This presents information from Tite Kubo, the creator of Bleach.
  2. It is properly referenced.
  3. It presents a piece of information not expressly stated within the article otherwise.
  4. It has been discussed on the article's talk page first.

Other reasons for trivia being good:

  1. It expresses a difference between the anime and the manga, i.e. colors changing, an additional or extended scene, etc.
  2. It expresses something within the Bleach manga which may be overlooked by readers but is interesting to note nonetheless, i.e. Yammy Llargo not being present in Coyote Starrk's recollection of his Espada comrades.


That sums up Trivia. Make sure your trivia follows these guidelines, and you'll do fine.

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