Okay, so I was wrong about the previous chapter being the last in the sub-arc, but in a good way.

So Masaki was forced to leave the Ishidas after all this, which makes complete sense, what with the pure-blood stuff and all that. Also, Kubo draws her naked but not naked. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO /sarcasm

We got to see a sort of resolution to the conflict between Katagiri and Ryūken, and the way she revealed what she felt was her purpose, I think there's some legitimacy to the theory of her being Uryū's mother, though she is much older than Ryūken if she was taking care of him as a child. However, we'll have to wait and see on that one.

As for Ichigo, Isshin said something about his inner Hollow and how it was "released". Now, I'm gonna wait on the Translation Corner to get to that, because that is a slippery slope of speculation. I'll update this post to give my thoughts on that once it's been confirmed and established.

The real reason for Isshin regaining his powers has finally been revealed, which makes sense as well. Honestly, in this section, the part which makes me happiest is the date: June 17th. This means we have a frame of reference for every event thus far. Thank you, Kubo, thank you so much. No more blank spaces on the fight pages.

And of course, we end on Kubo finally touching on what he had promised - the truth behind Masaki's death. Now, hopefully this will clear some things up for all of you who were wondering how Masaki could kill a Hollow as powerful as White and yet be killed by Grand Fisher; Kubo stated a while back that Masaki might have been killed by someone else. Not to rag on any beliefs or theories, but it's something I want y'all to keep in mind.

Overall, another good chapter. It's a good resolution to the sub-arc with the right amount of comedy and Urahara covering his face with his fan, we finally got a frame of reference for events thus far, and we're gonna learn next chapter what really happened. I cannot wait.

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