well, that was certainly progressive. This chapter is, once again, very good, and I'm happy to see Kubo setting a good pace.

We learn Isshin went to the Human World by himself without apparent orders, which I doubt will end well.

We learn that, harkening back to the medieval age, Ryūken was going to be married with Masaki to preserve the bloodline of the Quincy. So now, we have his relationship to her...ish.

We receive more proof of Isshin being really powerful, intimidating those two Shinigami indirectly with his Reiatsu.

And finally...Arrancar prototype anyone? Hole in chest, skeletal remains, etc. Also note the similarity in appearance to Hollow Ichigo's last form; very interesting, Kubo. Very interesting indeed.

Overall, another really good chapter. Kubo seems to have set a pretty good pace for himself, and hopefully he can continue it. What are your thoughts on this?

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