Well... that was kind of awesome.

So we find out that Urahara and co. are perfectly fine, and have made a "nice deal" with their savior, who at this point has basically been established as Grimmjow, what with how he acted when he heard Urahara talking to Ichigo and Urahara saying not to worry about him harming them, so that's pretty cool.

So apparently, there's some magical object in the palace that can fix the broken blade, only not, since it will only be a similar copy. Which means that Ichigo will probably get a new Bankai and Getsuga and gaaahhhh

Otherwise, we have Kon acting as a television screen, the Shibas coming back, oh, and THE FULLBRINGERS ARE BACK. They're dead, but they're BACK. Oh god yes. I don't care if they didn't go to Hell for what they did in life (Giriko killed his wife, for chrissakes) for some reason, but I'm fine with that.

So, that was the chapter we've been eagerly anticipating. What are your thoughts?

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