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Song to listen to while reading this chapter: "Chop Suey" by System Of A Down

Oh look, I actually read this chapter on my laptop and got to edit the wiki instead of having to hurriedly squint at my phone while at work. Isn't that nice?

673Ichigo's Reiatsu

I can already see the stolen version with silver hair on Seireitou's page now...

Saltyness aside, we start off with Renji and Rukia making their way through the rubble when they suddenly spot Gerard in his new new form...which, now that we've seen it from the side, I actually really dig. Somehow, it's even cooler than his Norse warrior form from a few chapters ago. They also notice Hotsugaya, whom Rukia immediately assumes is actually Hitsugaya's older brother for much hilarity. Suddenly, everyone looks at the center palace as they sense Ichigo being Ichigo. Cut to Yhwach, who notes that with his true power unlocked, Ichigo's got so much Reiatsu that it's taking a visible form around him - and I'll be damned if the shot illustrating this isn't incredibly badass-looking.

673Ichigo attacks


When Yhwach wonders if he'll be coming from the right or left, Ichigo points out that he should already know this because of his hax ability, but Yhwach reveals that he's not using said power because he wants to savor the reunion with his son. This leads Ichigo to declare that Yhwach killed his mother so he can't be his parent before unleashing an unholy Gekka Tenshō, which Yhwach blocks using...dark energy of some kind. After toying with Ichigo for a few pages (hooray for Orihime doing something useful for once btw), Yhwach binds him with the stuff and claims that Masaki died so he could create Ichigo, which is the highest honor blah blah smash Ichigo through the wall. Then Yhwach stands up in a very creepy full-panel page and decides to put his glory on display. Here we go.

Decent chapter this week. People are complaining about the length as usual, but really at this point it's not worth whining about because it ain't gonna change, and in my opinion we got a fair amount of stuff regardless. Renji and Rukia have rejoined the battle against Gerard, the banter about Hotsugaya was hilarious, Ichigo's sheer power is now visible, Yhwach can apparently turn off The Almighty if he wants to, Orihime has held up her promise so far, Yhwach can use some sort of dark energy to fight, and now he's planning to show Ichigo his glory, whatever that means. I'm pumped for next week.

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