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Alright, this'll be shorter than usual because I'm writing on my phone at work. I'm starting to notice a pattern with the chapters I'm missing - 652, 662, 672. Must be a conspiracy.

Anyhoo, chapter was aight. If you thought Gerard would stay down, well, you're probably expecting the wrong things from this series - at this point I'm not even sure that parts of the Soul King can be killed, at least not after their powers kick in.

Uryū falls to the power of the offscreen yet again. Given how one-sided Bazz vs. Haschwalth was I'm not surprised Kubo decided to skip it.

And Ichigo's finally met his darkness father yaaaay. Oh, and maybe Orihime will be useful. Possibly.

Overall I'd give this chapter five footballs out of seven poses.

Thoughts on this chapter?

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