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Obvious choice aside, song to listen to while reading this chapter: "Uprising" by Muse

Damn Kenpachi, back at it again with the giant-throwing

667Gerard regenerates


So we start off with a brief flashback of how Kenpachi got here: apparently, he woke up inside the healing pod and decided to kick the door off so he could leave. Classic. Yumichika and Ikkaku are shocked that he's out and about, of course, but at this point they're living reaction shots so whatevs. Also note that Kenpachi's got both arms back again. Gerard seems to be whining over his lost arm Esidisi-style, but suddenly it reforms in a burst of light, complete with Blut-style veins as he proclaims it's even stronger now. Hitsugaya is understandably confused by this, so Byakuya explains how The Miracle works, leading Hitsugaya to note that Gerard must've been normal-sized at the start of the fight. Byakuya's right, he really is fixated on height. (side note: I absolutely love this comedic pairing, plz more Kubo)

667Kenpachi withstands

you just awakened a demon, Gerard

However, Kenpachi also heard this exchange and decides it would be fun to see what happens if he cuts Gerard to pieces, so he moves to do exactly that, only for Hitsugaya to outright block his attack while rightly pointing out how much destruction would be caused if Gerard fell off the palace and onto the Seireitei below while this gigantic - as much as Gremmy's meteorite would have, I'd reckon. Suddenly, Gerard stomps on the two of them, but being who he is, Kenpachi just grabs his foot and tosses him as he would a stone across a lake, except in this instance it's a giant Viking across half a city. As Gerard flies straight into Yhwach's totallynotcompensatingforanything tower, Kenpachi leaps after him and expresses the desire to perform a surgical vivisection of his cranium using his sword as a scalpel.

667Kenpachi and Gerard clash

Asura's Wrath, is that you?

Sadly, before we can witness Kenpachi finally display the scientific yearning and genius that he's clearly kept hidden from us for all these years, Gerard pimpslaps him away with his shield and finally draws his sword, which is appropriately named Hoffnung, or "Hope". Makes me wonder what Askin's bow was called. Probably Krankheit or something to that effect, given the connotative associations the Schutzstaffel weapons have had with their Schrifts so far. That aside, glad to have another weapon named. Anyhoo, Kenpachi also releases Nozarashi and clashes with Gerard, whom he somehow manages to push back once more. Surprisingly, however, the sheer cutting power of Nozarashi has only left a small nick in Hoffnung: guess Kenpachi won't be ending this fight quite as quickly as he thought.

Solid chapter this week. It's been a long time since we saw Kenpachi really demonstrate his raw power, and throwing a Titan Frost Giant miracle'd Gerard halfway across Wahrwelt and then pushing him back in a sword clash was certainly an effective way to do it. Also, glad that we finally got confirmation on what Kenpachi's usual sword actually is and that there are some limits to the power of his Shikai - it can't cut through anything and everything, apparently. Kind of a weird note to end the chapter on, but it's not a cliffhanger, which is another refreshing change.

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