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Song to listen to while reading this chapter: "Shipping Up to Boston" by The Dropkick Murphys

Jesus mummified steel ball Christ, this was a sick chapter.

665Urahara restructures

I seeeeeee yoooouuuuu

So we start off with a small expansion of Urahara's Bankai activation, wherein we learn that he's only activating this because Askin's not leaving him a choice with his aggressive tactics; the guy's certainly less "absolute last resort" about his Bankai than Shunsui is, that's for sure. Askin proceeds to ask that Urahara explain his Bankai's power, I guess as a return favor for Askin explaining the power of Hasshein, but Urahara just slyly notes that he'll know soon enough as Askin's arm just splits open. Not gonna lie, I thought his split wrist bangle was his bones or something. After Askin gets the hell out of dodge, his arms sews back up, prompting Urahara to praise him for noticing that this Bankai actually has a range (thank god it does too, otherwise it'd be waaaay too OP). As Urahara reveals the power of Kannonbiraki Benihime Aratame is to restructure anything it touches (Mayuri stitching up his own arm, anyone?), the hands fix up his eyes Victoria Cindry-style as he actually wounds Askin.

665Askin is impaled

something something heart on your sleeve

Not to be outdone, Askin blocks his next attack with a...staff, I think, only to promptly get his ass blasted through a few city blocks after Urahara restructures his hand for more power. However, Askin quickly recovers and begins increasing the power of his Gift Ball Deluxe while whining about how this is suddenly becoming more about brute force than technique. He's staying out of range of Kannonbiraki Benihime because he doesn't want to deal with it, but suddenly a hand thrusts through his chest, taking his heart with it. Urahara reveals that Gift Bereich may be inescapable, but is not impenetrable, and so he made a path through it as he thanks none other than Grimmjow, who is in Pantera and proceeds to crush Askin's heart.

As previously stated, absolutely amazing chapter. Kannonbiraki Benihime Aratame is amazing in both power and execution, and really fits Urahara as a scientist. I was also expecting Grimmjow to return sooner or later, not quite like this, but it's fine. Fight's definitely not over though - here comes that sweet Segunda Etapa maybe probably

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