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Song to listen to while reading this chapter: "My Last Words" by Megadeth (at the behest or mrlmm, who would otherwise word at me really harshly)

Have to leave for work soon, so this'll be quick, hopefully.

So Haschwalth's not all that smart, apparently, as he's let it slip that Yhwach isn't omniscient and omnipotent right now because he has the power instead. Hearing this, Uryū makes a 180 from his stupidity last week and tells Ichigo to go straight to Yhwach right now while he's at his weakest. Ichigo and his pals do so, and Haschwalth claims they'll die, but a now-hopeful Uryū points out that Haschwalth's emotional state betrays his surprise at Uryū's attitude - meaning he doesn't have full control of The Almighty just yet. And then they start fighting. Ooooooooooh snap.

Cut to Ichigo, Orihime, and Sado running around at the speed of sound as Orihime's all "Ishida-kun, honto-da" before they're confronted by...gigantic veiled guards. K. Sado, having also apparently decided to reverse his state of uselessness, cuts off the passage by destroying part of it, leaving Ichigo and Orihime on the other side, before telling them to go, complete with a T2 thumbs-up. Then mothaflippin GANJU pops up outta nowhere (apparently Kubo remembered his sand powers) and the two prepare to take on the guards. Oh yeaaaaah.

Overall, muuuuuch better than the last two weeks. No one was an idiot and someone figured out Yhwach's weakness. Also, dem guards tho - figured Yhwach would have some other protection aside from Haschwalth and the SS.

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