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Song to listen to while reading this chapter: "Treachery" from the first Bleach OST

Well, that was...much less action-packed than I expected, but whatever.

659Gerard is engulfed

Friendzoned to the max

So we start off with Gerard and Hitsugaya exchanging introductions because goodness knows they have no idea who the other is (I found Gerard calling the SS "benevolent" especially amusing). After ever-so-casually shattering the ice on his arm - because, y'know, that's the safe way to do it - Gerard expresses the desire to be friends, and so tries to smash his friendly hand into his new friend Hitsugaya in a friendly way. Of course, being Mr. Awesome, Hitsugaya does a sicknasty half-pipe turnover out of the way and reveals that he is *gasp* no longer accepting friend requests before activating his Bankai, which is STILL the same as it was pre-timeskip, and giving Gerard the future opportunity to shout "CHRIST! I WAS FROZEN TODAY!" Oh, and Momo and Shinji aren't pancake-shaped yet, so I guess that's good too.

659Ryuken cuts

From 0 to unnerving in 11 Kubosecs

Then we jump to a very disturbing flashback of a boy Uryū walking in on his father apparently autopsying his mother's corpse...because he's a doctor, I guess. Gonna be honest, I thought it was a Momo flashback for a second and was very confused. Flash forward a few years to high school, and hey look it's Ichigo, who rightly questions why the hell someone like Uryū is in a public school instead of a doctor school or whatever. Turns out, Uryū doesn't want to be a doctor anymore after what he saw as a kid, which I can hardly blame him for.

659Ichigo and Uryu meet

Oh this is gonna be interesting

Finally back to the present, where Uryū is confronted by comrade Haschwalth with his crazy The Almighty' eyes in full glory. Haschwalth, who coyly mentions that he can see the future, reveals that he's found a bunch of chips around Wahrwelt that are similar to the ones used in the Sanrei Glove - or should I say the Leidenhalt, as the Wandenreich apparently know it. Yay, more German. Haschwalth suspects that Uryū's up to something and, in a rare moment of emotion, attacks him to confirm his suspicions of traitorism. Uryū's blasted back, and as he tries to get Haschwalth to calm the hell down, Ichigo finds him. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh dear.

Alright chapter this week. I'm surprised that we're cutting away from Gerard and to Ichigo vs. Uryū so soon, but I figure we'll get back to the last two SS sooner or later, and this'll at least appease the idiots on kissmanga who whine every week about how Ichigo wasn't in any panels of the chapter or whatever. Also, Gerard is hilarious as ever.

Oh, and apparently Hitsugaya's Bankai is complete in the sense that it no longer has a time limit, so I guess that's out of the way.

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