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Song to listen to while reading this chapter: "Still Swinging" by Papa Roach

tfw Mangastream releases 6 whole days ahead of schedule for some reason

657Yushiro appears


So we start off with a better look at last chapter's Raijin Senkei technique; apparently, it also makes Yoruichi's hair spike up in the style of devil horns. Awesome. Also, off-topic, but that second page is a pretty solid reminder that Yoruichi is stacked, jesus. Anyway, the attack levels the surrounding buildings, but Yoruichi manages to save Orihime with the power of her cable thing that she was probably keeping between her boobs or something. Yoruichi tells Orihime to get Ichigo and Sado healed up so they can GTFO, but she's cut short by the arrival of none other than Yūshirō, who quickly proves that 1. he's really, really fast and 2. is used to Yoruichi smacking him around (dat reverse headbutt tho). Yoruichi rightly asks why the hell Yūshirō isn't with Urahara, and when Yūshirō claims that he came here to save her, Yoruichi gets that look in her eye and promptly sarcasts him up...only for Yūshirō, being a derp, to take it seriously. Poor Yoruichi.

657Shunko Bakuen Muso


However, this itself is cut short by Askin, who's survived Raijin Senkei with naught but some scratches. With Ichigo up and about, Yoruichi tells him to get a move on with his friends and he does, leaving just her and her brother to face Askin. When Askin demeans Raijin Senkei, Yūshirō's like "fite me", so Askin agrees...and is promptly destroyed by a boy half his size punching him repeatedly, Sandbag Beat style. Askin's left in shock at just how strong Yūshirō is, and Yūshirō proceeds to reveal that he too can use Shunkō - namely, his own explosive variant called Bakuen Musō. Apparently, he only learned this a short while ago, but it's good enough to draw (reluctant) praise from Yoruichi herself. However, this battle isn't quite over: Askin's survived, though not without some nasty burns, and apparently can't be killed by their Reiatsu anymore. Oh dear.

Awesome chapter this week, even if I was caught off-guard by how early it came out. It turns out that, despite being a bit of a crybaby, Yūshirō can kick all kinds of ass when he wants to, and ain't the head of the family just because he was next in line. Looking forward to all that next year brings, for this fight and beyond.

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