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>mfw chapter comes out at 7 am instead of 2 or whatever >ech

655Byakuya slams

Byakuya reminding us why he's a baller

So we start off with - surprisingly - a little speech from our friendo Gerard about miracles - apparently, they can't just happen all the time, or else people won't realize they're miracles. Oooookay, weird, but far more stomachable than PePe's "Love is responsible for everything in life" spiel. Gerard be like "imma show you a real miracle bb", but is cut short when Byakuya, who has finally decided to go hard, slams Senbonzakura into Gerard's head with enough force to rip his helmet right off. Damn. Being moe, Momo wonders if it was really necessary to be this brutal to someone who looked like he was about to die anyway, but Shinji (of ALL PEOPLE) points out that Gerard probably would've turned the tables on them if given the chance due to how he was talking. That's a rare instance of fourth wall leaning for ya, folks.

655Gerard attacks


Everyone tries to pack up and leave...only to be interrupted by BIGGER BOOT taking out a nearby intersection as Gerard rises, having become an actual giant with some pimpin' face tats. As it turns out, The Miracle converts physical damage to size increases, and Gerard is so big now because of how badly Byakuya messed him up. Good going, B-man. Gerard proceeds to throw a tower at our heroes, forcing them to scatter - Momo almost falls off, but Shinji desperately catches her, only to be apparently squashed by Gerard's palm of righteousness. Byakuya tries Senbonzakura again, but Gerard just brushes it aside like a fly before delivering one hell of a knuckle sandwich to the building he's on top of. After literally blowing Rukia and Renji away for keks and giggles, Gerard proclaims that no miracles are coming for THEM. What a comic book line.

Good chapter this week. Byakuya deciding to just kill Gerard ASAP and in such a brutal way was refreshing, especially given his raw stupidity against PePe last year, and so far I'm digging Gerard's power because it isn't stupid (yet). If he goes Vollständig as a giant, though...good god, the hype will be real. Please deliver, based Kubo.

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