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Song to listen to while reading this chapter: "Trespass" by Trace Bundy

Wow. That was earlier than I expected, but also awesome, so it's k.

654Izuru appears


So we start off with Nanao and Shunsui watching Lille scatter senbonzakura. Nanao's legs give out, but Shunsui catches her because d'aww before proceeding to collapse himself. Figured that he couldn't hold out with those ridiculous injuries forever. Down in the Seireitei of all places, Lille's shards pierce through the Shakonmaku and hit the ground, where Lille himself a lawn ornament. Seriously, that's a legit flamingo right there. It turns out that even though it didn't kill him, Nanao's attack destroyed his halo, or Heiliginschein, and this really cheeses Lille off, to the point where he starts destroying everything in sight in a rage while proclaiming that he'll destroy the Seireitei as revenge against Shunsui. Overreaction much? Oh, and he couldn't do this without the aid of his...clones, which I guess came from the other shards. However, all this is interrupted by Lille's head being cut in half by...IZURU GOSHDARN KIRA, who is alive and has those threads in his torso like the good book said. After claiming to be a dead man, Izuru cuts down some of the clones before challenging the rest. Hot diggity.

654Gerard is wounded

Oh look a Sternritter actually being beaten around for once

Oh, and up in da palace Gerard is getting his ass handed to him by Renji, who rightly points out that not just anyone can take on him and Byakuya by themselves. However, with that trademark grin, Gerard says that doing so would be a...miracle. Here we go.

Solid chapter this week. I was kinda expecting Lille to survive, but there was no way in hell that I thought Izuru would show up to take him on - that panel of him with the moon showing through his chest hole is indescribably badass. Good thing Lille lost his invulnerability, though. Oh, and I suppose we're going to Gerard, aka best grill, now. That last line of his seems to hint that The Miracle makes the impossible possible, or something along those lines, but we'll have to wait and see.

Oh, and Aizen's still around I guess.

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