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Song to listen to while reading this chapter: "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder

Well good Yhwach god almighty, that was a chapter.

650Jilliel's second form

Gaze upon the majesty of the owl-snake-centaur angel

So we start off with Lille entering what looks to be the REAL form of Jilliel: a chimera-looking thing. Well, it's certainly the creepiest one after Tatarforas now that it's not just stubby legs and no arms. Apparently, Lille didn't die from being killed because he's an immortal messenger of God who is meant to purge the sinners - there we go, only took 4 chapters since Lille first mentioned being holy for him to get into sinners and stuff. Lille then fires a wide beam from his forearm (which is certainly a first as far as laser beam firing places go), which of course cuts through the city and BLOWS EVERYTHING UP. Sheesh, The X-Axis really doesn't stop ramping up in power, does it? Thankfully, despite the hole in his stomach, Shunsui still manages to escape to a nearby tower, where Katen Kyōkotsu tells him to let her take him away because of how badly injured and disadvantaged he is...which sounds eerily like something someone trying to convince another to commit suicide would say. Accepting this, Shunsui closes his eyes...

650Kyokotsu appears


...only to be woken by Nanao, who desperately tells him to open his eyes and not talk after he starts bleeding from the mouth. Nanao then tells him to take her Zanpakutō, which may be a mistranslation based on later events, and to disregard the promise he made to her mother. However, they are interrupted by Lille, who amusingly points out that Nanao must not value her own life very much if she's still here after all Shunsui did to let her get away, and fires another laser beam. However, Shunsui uses a technique called Okyō, which I can only assume is a Shikai thing, to hide himself and Nanao within Lille's shadow - which, when you think about it, is brilliant. Within the shadow realm, Shunsui asks Nanao if she knows about her mother, and when she confirms this, he decides to giver her back her Zanpakutō: Kyōkotsu. Oh damn.

A very guten chapter this week. Lille's new Jilliel is...interesting, to say the least, and it looks much better than his energy face from last week, but FAR more importantly, we've got something about Nanao's elusive Zanpakutō. As far as I can tell, Shunsui's been holding onto it this entire time somehow, and he's been doing so due to a promise he made with Nanao's mother. What exactly this means, I can't say, but I'm so hyped for next week.

Also, happy to see the younger spirit is also canon, even if it wasn't in the way I was expecting. Yay for canonizing the good filler arc.

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