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Song to listen to while reading this chapter: "X Gon Give It To Ya" by DMX

A Spirit Weapon AND a Quincy: Vollständig getting named? Kubo knows how to make me happy.

646Lille reforms

Shame he didn't go for the solid gold look (or firing it gangsta style for that matter)

So we start off with the other Shinigami briefly debating over whether or not they should help Shunsui. Shinji, presumably as the highest-ranking one there, says no because Shunsui can handle it (according to imaginary!Ukitake) and it's his duty as Captain-Commander (according to hypothetical!Yamamoto). Finally, some visible common sense among these guys. Cutting back to Lille and Shunsui, Lille's all like "at what point did you think you cut land a scratch on my keikaku", but then Shunsui's all "but I did" and part of Lille's rifle is sliced off. Fortunately, Lille remembers that he's a goshdarn Quincy and just reforms the broken part, albeit as a metallic version instead of the furred version. Oh, and apparently this rifle actually has a name - Diagram, because X-Axis huehuehue puns.

646Lille opens


However, Shunsui doesn't give a damn and proceeds to jumpscare Lille once more while stating everyone was afraid of the shadows as a kid. Cue multiple Shunsui clones form Kageoni literally dropping on Lille and stabbing him (one of my favorite panels in a long time). But to Shunsui's surprise, Lille merely opens his left eye while commenting that this is the third time he's had to do so. As it turns out, opening his left eye in addition to his right allows him to actually use The X-Axis which, in addition to giving him an all-piercing shot, also lets him noclip through attacks. What a hacker. Oh, and since he's opened it three times during this battle he can KEEP them eyes open, hoo boy.

646Lille's Vollstandig, Jilliel

*Sephiroth intensifies*

More interestingly, it turns out that Lille was the last Quincy to be granted a Schrift by Yhwach (at least, presumably the last before Uryū). Apparently, this makes him the closest to God among all the Sternritter, which I find to be blasphemous in the face of Mask's manly manfulness and godly abs, and also gives him an excuse to go Quincy: Vollständig, which 1. looks like a cross between a butterfly cocoon and a seraphim, and 2. is named Jilliel, which is French for "The Jill", ofc. As Shunsui realizes he can't move, he's shot by the holes in one of Lille's wings in a manner eerily reminiscent of when he was shot by Robert. Wow.

Good chapter this week. The opening few pages didn't really add to the fight, but I can understand that Kubo put them there so that we knew what the others were gonna do during all this. Shunsui's Kageoni beatdown was awesome, but I like the explanation behind Lille's eye and The X-Axis - I always figured that Lille's eye was functional and he kept it closed for some reason. Oh, and Jilliel manages to be both ridiculous and kinda intimidating. Can't wait to see more out of it, as well as find out why Shunsui was paralyzed at the end of the chapter. I'm guessing Shunsui's gonna go Bankai in a couple chapters, maybe next week.

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