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Song to listen to while reading this chapter: "Dangerous" by Big Data

It's 12:40 AM, this chapter was good, and I'm tired, so let's get this going.

644Containers open


So we start off with Mayuri unsuccessfully trying to replicate the action movie trope of walking away from explosions unharmed: he walks for a bit, then his legs collapse from damage sustained by the exploding clone bits (oh, they're dead btw). Chill as ever, Mayuri sees Ikkaku and Yumichika have returned and actually thanks them for staying out of his fight - the guy's definitely softened up a bit - before revealing that he's brought along Hitsugaya and As the 10th division duo thanks Mayuri and leaves, the 11th division bros put Mayuri and Kenpachi in the pods, thank Mayuri for saving Kenpachi's ass, then leave as well. Mayuri, understandably, is surprised by how many thanks he's receiving today (wondering if it was Thanksgiving was my favorite part of all this), but reminds himself that he has finally surpassed Urahara with Nemu's evolution before falling asleep to a dream of Nemu...naked. Awww.

644Shunsui is shot


Moving along, we cut over to the group of Shinigami being sniped by Lille as they finally notice that the Reiatsu around them is mostly gone. While Lille monologues about how scary all this must be for them, Shunsui decides to TAKE ACTION!...and is promptly shot in the chest a la Nimaiya. However, Lille hears some spooky chanting and realizes an unharmed Shunsui's appeared behind him, having used a Shikai technique based off of Daruma dolls - looks like a clone. After cutting off the barrel of Lille's rifle, thus asserting his male dominance by ruining the Sternritter's phallus symbol, Shunsui promises to rek him next. Dayummm.

Good chapter this week. The longest fight of the arc so far is over, and it's time to move on to another, hopefully about-as-long fight with Lille, my second favorite Schutzstaffel. Get 'im, Shunsui, and don't feel the need to hold back on the Bankai, k?

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