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Song to listen to while reading this chapter: "Propaganda" from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency OST

Well, this was a hell of a chapter to read at 2 in the morning after 4 hours of sleep.

643Eyes appear

Eye see yooooou

So we start off with what amounts to 3 straight pages of falling as Kubo sets up the title. I'd complain, but Nemu's got hips that don't lie, so eh. However, the bits and pieces of Pernida's clone falling with Nemu aren't quite dead, and after growing more arms and fingers because...reasons, they impale her with nerves and tear her apart. Ouch. Looking at this, Mayuri is legitimately driven into despair, resulting in perhaps the most unexpected cameo in this arc - Szayelaporro Granz, who appears as a sort of vision to Mayuri in the vein of Kenpachi (and I guess Kariya) during Ichigo's Visored training.

643Szayelaporro appears

Hello, brother.

Being the colossal dickwaffle that he is, Szayel proceeds to mock Mayuri's grief, claim that Nemu dying means she wasn't perfect enough and that Mayuri can simply make a more perfect being next time, AND mock the idea that Mayuri thought Nemu was close to perfect (complete with a completely ridiculous yet creepy face, to boot) before admitting that this situation - Nemu being destroyed and Mayuri greeting darkness as his old friend - is one where he'd be laughing his ass off. Having had just about enough of this tomfoolery, Mayuri has Szayel talk to the hand and sees that the two clones have joined him on the roof, having gained mouths, tongues, and...even more eyes.

643Clone self-destructs

No one ever learns from Szayel, do they?

With strands of his hair hanging down Bazz-style, Mayuri tells the two hands to dig in, but takes Nemu's brain before they can eat it. After repelling The Compulsory through exerting his Reiatsu (oh man he's pissed) Mayuri reveals that as with his fight with Szayel, he's made some...changes to Nemu's body, namely that her regenerative cells have been replaced with cells that are sorta like super-cancer, reproducing uncontrollably and only being kept in check by her brain. And now that her brain is gone, well...the clone's about to know what it feels like to be too healthy as it begins to self-destruct from regenerating too quickly.

Another good chapter this week. I'm honestly not surprised that Nemu's dead, but the way she went was...unexpectedly brutal. Szayel coming back was a neat twist harkening back to Ichigo being motivated during his Visored training, though it was certainly a twisted way of motivating Mayuri, and Mayuri delivered when it came to dealing what I HOPE is the final blow against this thing. I'm thinking that next chapter will be the "for real" end to this fight.

Side-note: I honestly kinda hope all the Schutzstaffel fights are this long, even if the remaining three members aren't Soul King limbs, because holy crap we've gotten a lot of information on the major combatants in this one alone, and if it's someone like Shunsui or Urahara involved in the next few fights, well...yeah.

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