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Song to listen to while reading this chapter: "Do You Feel It?" by Chaos Chaos

Well, all the reddit commenters claiming that Kubo screwed up on making a Nemu revelation can GO EAT CROW.

642Akon examines

oh hey it's that fetus corpse we keep around

So we start off with a flashback to little girl Nemu, of all things. As it turns out, during her childhood, Mayuri started calling her Nemu instead of Nemuri Nanagō, her real name, and she doesn't know why. Neither does Akon, the poor guy. Flash-forward to the present, where Kuna (finally got a name for the scientist girl!) accidentally finds three capsules, which I initially believed were the ones erected during 612, in Mayuri's lab. Turns out, they're the remains of the Nemuri Project, which Akon proceeds to detail; the first three attempts failed, the fourth got a brain (which was used to fix the head of this doofy-looking kid present in this chapter), the fifth one got all the way to the embryo stage (which Mayuri used to attain Bankai and thus captaincy, the cheating bastard) and the sixth one lived a whole two years before dying - apparently, that's the life expectancy of "godly soul cells", whatever those are.

642Pernida is destroyed


With Nemu leaping off the ground hard enough to shatter it, we cut back to her childhood flashback of talking to Akon, who relays the purpose of the Nemuri Project: to create new souls from cells, which Mayuri christens a dream of every Shinigami. However, Akon theorizes that Mayuri's the only one dreaming of this (I can believe that) because having Nemu growing up and learning every day is like living in a dream for him. D'awwwwwwww. Oh, and he'd actually be embarrassed if she found this out, but she's bound to anyway because she's his perfect creation who will always evolve. Back in the present, Nemu goes Super Saiyan and tears through Pernida, whose hand explodes from the sheer force. Holy crap. Oh, and she saves Mayuri, who's all "y u do dis wen I no order u". Turns out, Nemu's thinking her mission is to protect him, so this is okay to do in the interest of that. Oh, and this power is the result of her increasing her body's power at the cost of speeding up its decomposition, it sounds like.

642Gikon Jurinju

*Dragon Ball Z intensifies*

Mayuri claims that her mission is to simply evolve, but she thinks that protecting him is the best way to show the results of this before throwing him on a building and flying away, leaving Mayuri to feel humiliated at Nemu actually fighting for him for once. With only 399 seconds left (because let's be honest, that whole exchange took place in animu time), Nemu confronts one of Pernida's clones and explains that she's about to throw part of her soul at it for maximum damage before doing just that in the form of Gikon Jūrinjū.

Wow. That was a hell of a chapter. It looks like Nemu's been fully explained now, apparently coming from godly cells or whatever - and it looks like Mayuri does have parental feelings of some sort after all, even though he's too much of a baka to admit them. oh, and Pernida got rickety-rickety-wrecked this time around, good god. Guessing this fight'll wrap up next chapter, and that Nemu will die from cranking up the powerstat in her body; if she does, pls no Naruto bullshit with Ichigo bringing her back with hitherto unseen Jesus powers, kthx (still salty about Might Guy surviving). I'll take an awesome heroic sacrifice like this any day.

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