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Song to listen to while reading this chapter: "Op. 46, In the Hall of the Mountain King" by Edvard Grieg (yep, today I'm getting cultured on yo asses)

Golly gee, I can't imagine what the next volume's gonna be called at THIS rate.

641Mayuri regenerates

Kubo's trying to make up for the arms debate

So we start off with Nemu revealing herself to be Mayuri's supplier by handing him his regenerative drug; apparently, she stepped in just to do this. After Mayuri regenerates in a typically gross fashion (how I miss Ulquiorra and his simple arm regenerations), Mayuri is told that, in what is apparently an OOC move for him, he didn't take any drugs before the fight started...which he thinks is creepy for Nemu to have noticed. That makes two times in the last 6 chapters that Mayuri has found something creepy. Wow.

641Mayuri blasts


Moving on, Mayuri jumps off the tower parkour-style and presses his shoes again to become Astro-Boy Rocket Mayuri, able to clear tall buildings in a single cackle. With his rocket boots ready to go, he speeds toward Pernida, who begins firing at him...but not without the aid of its clones, leading to a truly epic and crazy shot of 3 giant hands firing dozens of giant arrows at Mayuri from different sides all at once. Mayuri, of course, dodges them all like a champ. While dodging, Mayuri tells Nemu via Bluetooth that they're gonna be taking Pernida down for good using - you guessed it - more drugs. Essentially, Mayuri covers the ground in a narcotic that numbs the nerves present while Nemu injects one of the nerve-laden arrows with a coagulating agent that will freeze Pernida and its clones solid by stopping all their bodily functions...including blood being pumped and moving around. Ouch.

641Pernida sheds

Like a snake but more handy

Nemu does so, and the two clones get frozen, but the OG Pernida simply rips off its infected thumb before doing something very peculiar: it talks like Kenpachi. Rather than having stolen Kenpachi's mind or something, however, Mayuri realizes that Pernida has "evolved" to Kenpachi's level by touching him with its nerves - which makes the laugh mimicking bit from last week some great foreshadowing, and explains the whole "governs evolution" thing from two weeks ago as well. Apparently, this also gives it Kenpachi's speed, and Nemu's not fast enough to outpace that, so in an unexpected touching moment Mayuri tells her to get the hell away from here. However, he's shocked once more when one of the seemingly immobilized clones sheds its skin to reveal that it's fine - just as his little demon baby from 639 did. Upon seeing this, Nemu enters Genocide Mode gets super srs and takes off to save the day. D'oh, cliffhanger'd again'd.

Decent chapter this week. Pernida's still got the upper hand due to its evolution thing, which I think is a cool ability, and although we didn't get the Nemu revelations we were expecting, I believe those'll come next week instead, since something's up with her now. Oh, and that triple-threat crossfire is one of my favorite panels from this arc, holy crap.

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