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Song to listen to while reading this chapter: "300 Violin Orchestra" by George Quintero

I've been saving that song for a suitably epic chapter. This was that chapter.

640Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo is attacked

Look like someone had Chipotle for lunch huehuehue

So we start off with a confusing color page, which we'll come back to later, followed by a truly amazing color spread of every Sternritter evar, including Berenice and Jerome(!). If this is what Kubo's been working on for the past several months, I can forgive the lack of color pages since chapter 617. Moving along, Mayuri's all "good thing I didn't give my baby teeth", but he immediately learns that it's bad to swallow food whole as the Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō is torn apart by a bunch of arrows, one of which misses Mayuri and destroys a tower Ichigo-style. Turns out that Pernida has finally drawn its bow, which of course leads Mayuri to laugh at it for identifying as a Quincy despite being the left arm of the SK. Mayuri, I swear to god you are THIS close to upsetting every tumblrista to ever live.

640Pernida creates

Hawkeye would be proud

However, Pernida briefly changes its way of speaking (I assume it's changing its speech patterns in the original Japanese) to ask Mayuri why this is a bad thing, prompting Mayuri to realize that it has, in fact, been growing steadily more eloquent and less Hulk-like in its speaking over the course of the fight; the reason why is unknown (I'm guessing it's that whole "governs change" thing). Deciding that Robert needs to be one-upped, Pernida creates five bows and fires more arrows at Mayuri while tying its nerves to them. Mayuri dodges, but his left arm gets infiltrated and exploderated as Pernida actually redirects another arrow to go for Mayuri's back in midair - the one place he can't dodge.

640Nemu saves


As all looks lost, the one and only Nemu steps in and grabs the arrow before cutting off her own arm so she won't get infiltrated. That's right, Nemu JUST DID IT BECAUSE YESTERDAY SHE SAID TOMORROW AND SHE DIDN'T LET HER DREAMS BE DREAMS (flexes). Ever the ungrateful bastard, Mayuri proceeds to grab her by the head and throw her against a wall before being all "I didn't say Simon Says". However, Nemu herself acknowledges that she wasn't given a direct order to do this, and a surprised Mayuri calls her by a new name - Nemuri Nanagō, which apparently means seventh something or other. Apparently, he thinks it would be really hard to raise another one of her all over again and thinks she shouldn't die unless he says so - this being what the first page ties into. I'm sensing some real Rei Ayanami vibes here.

Hell of a chapter this week. Aside from the awesome color spread, Pernida legitimately turning the tables on Mayuri with nothing more than Heilig Pfeil was pretty cool to watch given Mr. Mad Scientist's attitude up until now (and a certain Sal's insistence that he won't lose the upper hand), and it looks like we're FINALLY gonna get some Nemu stuff, what with her actually being named Nemuri and being the seventh one and so on.

Also, another character to add to the list of disarmed people. Wooo.

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