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Song to listen to while reading this chapter: "Heat of the Battle" from the first Bleach OST

I am currently feeding on the tears of the Kenpachi fanboys. They are salty, yet satisfying.

636Kenpachi & Mayuri vs. Pernida

staredown with the most ambiguous character in the series

So we start off with a direct continuation of 635's last page: Pernida's head is expanding. Oh dear. To the shock of everyone, Mayuri actually finds this creepy - first Kenpachi actually listening to someone else and jumping back last chapter, now this, my goodness. Then we get some obligatory hyping up of Kenpachi and Mayuri courtesy of Nemu, who notes that they clearly aren't having trouble because they haven't called in her, Ikkaku, and/or Yumichika yet. Following this, however, Kenpachi notices that his right arm has become a wind turbine, and because he's more of a solar power advocate, he rips his arm off, thus joining the long line of Bleach characters who have lost their arm in some way - for some reason, it's almost always the right one, too. (actually, if someone wants to list all the characters who have lost an arm, I'd greatly appreciate it because I am both curious and tired right now)

636Kenpachi slashes

"cutting always works" - Kenpachi 2015

In all seriousness, Kenpachi did this because he would have otherwise had his entire body warped and damaged in a similar manner - no doubt a worse fate. Actually, Pernida reduces the arm to a goddamn puddle of blood because ouch. Seeing this, Kenpachi wonders just how he can cut without getting close, and though Mayuri makes an honest attempt to explain a plan he's formed in order to do just that, Kenpachi claims he was just talking to himself (with his most trolly face yet) and attacks Pernida again...only to have his legs broken. Dammit, Kenpachi, this is what happens when you don't listen to the crazy guy. To top things off, Mayuri actually stabs Kenpachi with Ashisogi Jizō' and uses his first named technique - Fear Factor 4, which is not a stupid TV show, but in fact a sort of sonic wave or something that causes people to go deaf. With all this damage piled up, Kenpachi collapses, thus hurting the butts of tens of people who refuse to acknowledge that he has limits.

636Mayuri counters

When you unleash the Febreeze

After mentioning meatballs again, Mayuri does us all a favor by explaining precisely what The Compulsory does - it uses Pernida's nerves to control its opponents' bodies by force, which explains all the crazy crap that's gone down since it showed up. Apparently, it's somewhat similar to Blut (yay it's being mentioned again), since both involve Reishi in the body or something; idk, Mangapanda's translation of all this isn't very clear. However, as Mayuri is quick to prove, there's a way to exploit this - namely, by exposing Pernida's nerves, which he does with some sort of liquid, causing Pernida to actually utter a human sound - screaming - and reel the hell back. We end with another drug-testing rant from Mayuri, who is probably on all sorts of watchlists by now, as Pernida's cloak begins to come apart. Boy oh boy.

Overall, a pretty güd chapter. Kenpachi ripping his arm off was unexpected, but him getting rekt for being careless was hilarious and awesome to see as well. Also, thank you Kubo for finally explaining what the hell is up with Pernida's ability via Mayuri. The only real complaint I have is that Mayuri and Kenpachi have both already gotten their time to shine in this arc (although I'm not quite as annoyed about Kenpachi since he's been taken out fairly quickly), and by the looks of it we're gonna get another drug run as with Hitsugaya in 593. Though I understand that Mayuri is kinda the only one who can take on Pernida's ability, I kinda hope that Nemu steps in at the very least to strut her stuff. Ikkaku and Yumichika can go eat dirt for all I care, they've already been rekt by two Sternritter (one of whom was DEAD).

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