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Song to listen to while reading this chapter: "I'm So Sorry" by Imagine Dragons

I'll try to keep it out of the review, but I just want to establish that I am feeling INCREDIBLY salty about Mangapanda releasing this and One Piece a day early. C'mon guys, you were going good there with Thursday releases for a long time!

So we start off with Liltotto and Giselle, who had the bright idea of challenging Yhwach himself instead of Haschwalth. Unfortunately, they forgot that he's da MVP of all Quincy, and, as we can see during the flash cut, got summarily rekt. Oh well. Amusing, Yhwach's response to this insurrection is "settle down, old sport", and we finally see the effects of the power swap between him and Haschwalth as Haschwalth starts getting extra pupils.

Cut to Gerard learning the hard way that he's on a pentacle city by running into dead ends over and over. The poor guy doesn't have anyone to fight...and we NEED to know what The Miracle is. Truly an agonizing situation. On the rooftops, Askin's finally managed to escape Grimmjow, and stops to have coffee...only to immediately begin fleeing once La Pantera shows up right behind him. When Grimmjow tries to pursue, Askin throws something at him, which turns out to be the thing he used to stop Bazz and Jugo's fight back in 543. Apparently, it's a ball of poison, which would explain why they stopped immediately: it seems to rob the victim of the ability to move. Now Grimmjow has no way of stopping Askin from plundering that booty killing him, which I think will necessitate some green-haired assistance...

Moving on, we see a prediction of mine actually come true: Lille is picking off various Shinigami from afar after they stray from the group. Great job, sniper-san.

And of course, we reach Pernida, who is the one to confront Kenpachi and Mayuri, of all people. Kenpachi being Kenpachi, he immediately goes in for the kill, but actually heeds Mayuri's words for once and leaps back...but not before getting a destroyed arm. Judging by the little end-chapter narration, Mayuri actually knows what Pernida is. Lord knows I wanna know too.

Overall, a fairly solid chapter despite the Panda thing. Getting a little snapshot of each remaining Sternritter was nice (even though we still don't know where Uryū's going) and it'll be interesting to see just what's up with Pernida. My bet is that under the hood, we're gonna find Cory Baxter. Just a hunch.

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