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Song to listen to while reading this chapter: Serekt yo kerr Select your own! I'm interested in seeing what kind of music y'all like and think fit with this series...and I am also very tired.

Time for a series of "I called it" events. Here goes.

So we start off with Yhwach declaring that even though Jugo has no idea what's going on, he's still gonna be recruited into the Sternritter. Didn't even need to challenge a barely-restrained psychopathic officer for it. Meanwhile, Bazz is giving poor Jugo what can only be described as the stink eye from hell because he has no idea why Yhwach is choosing him, by far the weaker and less skilled of the two. However, in a moment that proves Haschwalth had MASSIVE balls even as a kid, he calls out Yhwach, who is very likely the strongest guy around, and ignores Hubert's "how DARE thou do this" to point out that Bazz is an incredible prodigy worthy of being Yhwach's right-hand man, whereas he's got no skill whatsoever. Damn, man, props for that.

However, this outburst apparently caused a brief warp in space and time to channel Aizen's spirit into the most powerful nearby person, because Yhwach notes that this was just as planned foreseen and drops a bomb on us: Haschwalth has the same powers as him. Bazz, naturally, is shocked speechless as Yhwach clarifies that Haschwalth is the Quincy born every 200 years who shares his powers and that he simply doesn't have the ability to take back what he gives as Yhwach does. Apparently, this is why Bazz is so powerful and talented while Jugo sucks: the latter's been giving all his power to the former. Oh goodness.

633Haschwalth slashes

*"Yesterday" by The Beatles intensifies*

After telling Bazz that his level of power wasn't natural or achiever by him - because it's truly necessary to be such an ass to a kid who can't even move - Yhwach, in perhaps his first display of "kindness" since his mercy kill of Royd, ruffles Haschwalth's hair and tells him that he needs Jugo. Sure, you could interpret that as creepy, but judging by the look in Jugo's eyes, it's clear that he's overjoyed at someone needing him rather than simply protecting him as Bazz did. Speaking of the red-headed ruffian, Bazz is none too happy about all this and manages to stand up despite the whole Reiatsu thing presumably still being active before firing an arrow at Yhwach. Before Yhwach can truly go four-eyed by countering this with The Almighty (which you can quite clearly see is active in this chapter), Haschwalth catches the arrow with his hand, suffering only a light wound as a result. Damn. In the present, he manages to one-up this by doing it again before slashing Bazz across the chest. I'm sure he'll be fine, Mask walked it off and so can he.

Good enough chapter this week. I wasn't quite expecting the Bazz v. Jugo fight to reach this level so soon, but as I said above, I don't think it's over quite yet, and by extension the flashback likely isn't either. The big part would be Jugo having the same power as Yhwach, which he can't utilize quite as well, and I'm interested to see how that gets developed. Also, poor Bazz. Poor, poor Bazz.

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