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Song to listen to while reading this chapter: "Till I Collapse by Eminem

Damn, teenage Bazz and Jugo be sexy.

632Haschwalth trains

Fabulous even while a sweaty mess.

So we start off with the dynamic duo in the midst of their training. Apparently, Mr. Genius has got this whole "making weapons out of thin air" thing down pat, but poor Jugo just can't get the hang of it. Here's where we get a small, but interesting bit of Quincy lore; apparently, a Quincy like this is born every 10 years and gets killed while young because they suck are "incomplete". Sounds very similar to some real-world practices I've heard of. However, Jugo being Jugo, he's compensated for this by training his swordsmanship and archery skills as hard as he can. Dude's got conviction and drive, I'll give him that. And despite Jugo possibly being the load because of his lack of powers, Bazz still won't abandon him because of how hard he's training. Awwwwww.

632Hubert announces

Introducing those other two guys no one remembered until now.

At some point after this, Yhwach's personal guards - Hubert and Algora, of all people (credit goes to Mohrp for recognizing them) - roll into town to announce the formation of the Sternritter. For some reason, their WR symbol only has three prongs on it while the Sternritter one has 5. Strange. Anyway, Bazz is ecstatic upon hearing this (poor Jugo doesn't know why) and tries to sign both of them up immediately. The problem: 1. the tryouts are in a few days, and 2. Hubert is a prick. Reminding us that he's the Bazzer-Beater, Bazz fires an arrow in front of Hubert as a challenge for his position, and Hubert (with an awfully Bambietta-like grin on his face; I'm positive that they're related) accepts, and the two charge at each other...

632Yhwach selects

Hey, I just met you / And this is crazy / But here's my power / So call me Y.H.

...only to be interrupted by Yhwach, who literally pins everyone to the ground with just his Reiatsu. Been a loooooong time since someone's pulled something like that. Hubert's all "srry boss pls don't kill me for fighting", but Yhwach doesn't even caaaaaare because he's looking for someone; a right-hand man, to be precise. Hearing this, Bazz realizes this is a golden opportunity to get a position near this sociopath in order to kill him and tries to get his attention, but Yhwach has already found someone to fill this role: Haschwalth, his "other half". Cue shocked reaction shots.

Another fine chapter this week. I enjoyed the bit of lore we got about the Quincy, as well as Haschwalth apparently being a weak scrub when it came to Quincy powers, but still being strong enough to stand upright near Yhwach, which is impressive. Bazz trash-talking Hubert was also awesome and hilarious, of course. What really interests me (and presumably everyone else) is this "other half" business; given Yhwach's strange existence, it seems Haschwalth is literally a part of him. idk how, but he is; we'll just have to wait for an explanation next week.

Oh, and I didn't point this out last week because I didn't notice it until later, but it looks like Yhwach has The Almighty already active in these flashback chapters; you can see curves of extra pupils at the end of 631 and in some frames of this chapter. I'm guessing that his upcoming fight with Yama is gonna reveal the trick to getting past it - that, or it'll just be not fully usable yet or something idk.

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