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Song to listen to while reading this chapter: "Holy Dunker" (because I'm super tired)

Well, Kubo, you managed to surprise me with a chapter title for the first time since What The Hell. Not bad.

629Yhwach explains

Now this is a story all about how my castle got flipped turned upside-down...

So we start off with, well, more Yhwach. Apparently, he's naming his new castle itself Wahrwelt, which, as I have learned from the raw, has underlying kanji meaning "True World Castle". Which explains a lot. Somehow, both scan groups failed to note this; only Viz did. Viz. Anyway, Haschwalth wants to protect Yhwach's pure, innocent, magical girl unsoiled eyes from the filthy heathens/intruders, so he promises to have them killed. Something something our world. Also, I think that's the first time in over 100 chapters that Haschwalth's said anything with an exclamation mark on the end. Guy's a Byakuya fanboy, I guess.

629Shinigami move out

Autobots, roll-I mean, walk it out

Moving on, Shunsui and Urahara have a brief conversation acknowledging the dick-measuring contest initiator that is Yhwach's new castle and how they really shouldn't expect anything less from him at this point before telling everyone to MOVE OUT. Nice shot of most all the Shinigami assembled here, but Urahara notices something There is a distinct 66% less maniacal cackling to be heard nearby, which can only mean that Mayuri isn't around. Also, not at all relevant to the situation, but I've noticed Kubo has finally remember the whole "missing an eye" thing for Shunsui. Only took 90 billion years.

629Kenpachi appears


Cut to Mayuri coming out of the door in (I think) another part of the city, since he's apparently decided to move on his own avec Nemu because it's easier on him and only his research matters anyway. Of course, he's interrupted by the arrival of based Kenpachi directly behind him, leading to one of the most hilarious reaction shots I've seen in a series. Apparently, Kenpachi was taking a piss (or the piss, depending on how much you like him) and missed the other Shinigami entering the Royal Realm the first time around, so he followed Mayuri once the latter opened it again. Also, Hanatarō is along for the ride. The way Kenpachi enthusiastically addresses him reminds me a lot of his taking Rangiku under his wing in Uninvited Guests (a great fanfic, if you haven't heard of or read it by now). Anyway, it only takes one page for this to devolve into backhanded threats on each other's lives as Nemu refuses to comment. Thank you, Nemu, you are an inspiration.

629Ichigo's group moves

Rolling around at the speed of diagonal~

Cut to Ichigo and the rest of the superfriends running through the city on foot like a bunch of pedestrians. Apparently, Ichigo also learned the hard way that they can't make Reishi platforms anymore - he and Yūshirō are apparently on the same wavelength. Leave it to Yoruichi to say something so vague. Anyway, Sado uses his oft-overlooked intelligence to reason that they may as well stick together because they've no longer got the element of surprise going for them, and Yoruichi agrees, but Grimmjow (because he's a BIG FAT POOPYHEAD) decides to go off on his own because more people = more attention attracted. Fair enough.

629Askin is attacked

oh shi-

However, Ichigo warns Grimmjow against doing such a 1980s action movie thing because someone is up ahead. Cue a panel of a shadowy figure saying "Geh!"...and then turning out to be not PePe, but just Askin. Christ, that nearly gave me a heart attack. Askin's being his usual self, bemoaning how he got Ichigo's group, but is swiftly interrupted by Grimmjow DESTROYING THE BUILDING HE'S STANDING ON. Dude does not screw around. Poor Askin can only go "wut", and Ichigo is aware that the enemy is now finding them. Oh darn, and here he was hoping they could be friends.

629Sternritter arrive

Nothing witty to say here, I just like the art

Finally, cut to the rebel Sternritter arriving at Silbern, more specifically its Gate of the Sun. Yeah, remember that? Waaaaaaay back in the arc, near the beginning, the Sternritter used this to invade Soul Society. Apparently, Bazz-B wants to bring an end to both Yhwach and Haschwalth, who is sporting an ungodly chin in the last panel, lord have mercy. Good luck doing that with your silly fire beam, Bazz.

Overall, a decent enough chapter. I appreciated that Kubo gave us a status update on all the factions and groups at once rather than spreading them out over a couple chapters, and there wasn't anything I found particularly bad or troubling (though might I note that the panel of Grimmjow leaping toward poor Askin is one of the funniest things I've seen out of him ever). I'm guessing the battles will begin in earnest next week, as Askin's dialogue seems to imply the Sternritter were sent to different parts of the town at random to deal with the intruders, and he just so happened to get the party with the main protagonist in it. Poor Askin.

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