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Song to listen to while reading this chapter: "Dunk Like An Egyptian"

I am very, very tired right now, which may or may not degrade the quality of this review and/or my grasp on the English language. You've been warned.

So we start off with Ichigo's group once again, wherein Yukio decides he doesn't want to fight ax-crazy Quincy maniacs with unknown powers. Ganju gets all pissy at him for the justifiable reason that everything's gonna go if they lose, but Ichigo, in another display of maturity, agrees with Yukio because his power won't be much help. Also, he wants Riruka to stay behind. Not because she's a girl, but because 1. her power won't be super helpful either, and 2. they need someone to protect Yukio, aka their only way of escaping once all's said and done. Makes sense. Of course, Asuka Langley Riruka only reluctantly agrees. That blush when Ichigo thanked her for helping them make the compressed Valley of Screams was totally adorable, though.

627Wandenreich city crumbles

I don't know guys is something bad happening

627Doorway is completed

Took you guys long enough

To the Seireitei we go, where the buildings are being torn apart and lifted up into the sky while all the Shinigami can do is reaction shot in despair. Oh, and apparently they've FINALLY finished the doorway. Ichigo and his group reach the Royal Realm, Urahara and his group prepare to enter the doorway...and the Garganta opens to reveal the Wandenreich city. Wut. Turns out, they ARE in the Royal Realm, but Yhwach has done some remodeling. Next time he should consult a structural engineer first, though: coating the palace in ice is gonna lead to some super gross mold.

In the end, an alright chapter. I didn't see the revisioning bit coming, though I suppose it makes sense - this lets Kubo draw better fight scenes by having buildings for people to move around on and get thrown through and stuff. Also, the doorway looks kinda cool, but I suppose the fact that it's done and ready for use is more important.

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