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Song to listen to while reading this chapter: "Is it Okay Just to Get Fired Up?" from the Gurren Lagann OST

Dammit Yhwach, stop confusing me with further possible familial relationships.

626Valley of Screams moves

*Thomas the Tank Engine intensifies*

So we start off with Ichigo and his merry band of friends as Yoruichi further explains how they'll get to the palace. Basically, when the barrier she set up around the SK started collapsing, she realized they'd probably need to switch to plan B and so put another nail near there; as long as no one's noticed it, they should be good to go. I'm not sure if there was any indication of that back during 619, but whatever. Sado's smart enough to ask just what the hell Pernida can do, but Yoruichi doesn't know, and Orihime makes the valid observation that they should've asked Ichibei about the Quincy powers he saw back when they had the chance. Of course, being a tsundere, Riruka doesn't miss the opportunity to tell Orihime to stop being depressed about stuff that already happened before apparently slapping her with her hat-wings. Ooooookay then. Also, Grimmjow's only here because he wants there to be an existence for him and Ichigo to fight in blah blah we get it he hasn't changed an iota in the last two years.

626Palace crumbles

The result of Yhwach eating too many pepperoni and chocolate chip burritos

Back to the palace, where Haschwalth shows up again to tell everyone that Yhwach's done. Apparently, only he can know these sorts of things. In the SK's chambers, Yhwach is literally oozing darkness (geez I wonder if he might be evil guys) and as the other Quincies walk in, he turns around to reveal...MORE eyes on his face. Painted on, at that. This understandably freaks everyone except Haschwalth the hell out, and Askin's face can only be described as the essence of JoJo. Oh, and then the room explodes because Yhwach somehow has TOO MUCH POWER. I feel soooooooooo sorry for him. Everyone goes flying, but Haschwalth remains to inform us that now, reality cannot exist WITHOUT Yhwach, since he's got the Soul King in him and all. Then, after calling Haschwalth his FIRSTBORN, Yhwach decides to make a new country for the Quincy known as the Sudetenland because sure, why not.

Overall, decent enough chapter. The bit at the beginning wasn't anything special beyond letting us know how, exactly, the box is gonna get to the palace if it needs one of those markers to determine its destination. The palace bit was interesting because 1. eyes are apparently really important now, 2. Haschwalth may or may not be the direct, biological son of Yhwach (it would explain where he got his fabulous hair from), and 3. the city that replaced the Seireitei is about to get torn up. Wonder if we'll get a name for it.


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