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Jam to listen to while slamming this chapter: "Slam Up Jam Strong" by Shiro Sagisu and the Quad City DJs

Well, this was a jam if ever I did slam one.

623Aizen's Reiatsu surges

Jordan attempts to perform the Chaos Dunk.

So we start off with Sōsuke Jordan exerting his baller power in an attempt to perform the legendary Chaos Dunk with the Dunk King Palace. Everyone looks on and clutches their Gatorade in shock, but suddenly Jordan's baller power disappears like he just signed a golf contract. Yao Mingsui explains that this is a result of the massive restraints placed on his power, and Barkley Kurotsuchi explains how they had to restrain his baller power because they couldn't kill him, as everyone in Mukeflorida is essentially immortal. Good to know there are apparently more people like Jordan. Also, baller power comes from the heart, so now we know B-ball and Yu-Gi-Oh are intrinsically connected.

623Bazz-B reveals

Baller-B reveals that the West Berlin Saints have shown up to merge with the Gods of the East Coast.

Ever cocky, Jordan decides to test the strength of his baller power against Barkley's technology, but before he can, NaNaNa Slamminkoop uses The Up And Down to find the weak points in Jordan's power before hitting him with a layup, which ends up benching Jordan. Slamminkoop decides to bench the rest of the Gods as well, but Baller-B throws a three-pointer through his chest before he gets the chance to try it. When Mingsui questions him on this, Baller-B reveals that he and the other Saints intend to team up with the Gods to take down the one who betrayed them - Juha Ballhog.

Overall, a very strong slam jam this week. I loved seeing the Saints show up with their Swishes still intact, and it was nice to finally see Slamminkoop's Swish, although it's kind of a weird ability and the name doesn't correspond very well. Also, Jordan is as baller as ever, but it was nice to see him get out-dribbled by Barkley for once. Totally called the team-up at the end, and can't wait to see how they do in the playoffs.

And no, I don't know why I decided to write this review entirely in Space Jam verse when I don't even like basketball. Blame Youtube.

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