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Song to listen to while reading this chapter: "X Gon Give It To Ya" by DMX

Darn it, Kubo, now you've got the image of Aizen ripping his shirt open while singing about Cinderella running away from him STUCK IN MY HEAD (implying it wasn't there before)


Alright, since there wasn't a huge amount happening in this chapter, let's compress it. Everyone still hates Aizen: fact. No one's magically accepting him like they did Sasuke, which is a good sign. However, Shunsui has a valid point in that they need someone like him to fight Yhwach with them, as he's evil and they're...morally ambiguous, but with a benevolent goal at best (lookin' at you, Mayuri). Cue Aizen bringing down the house with a goddamn Kurohitsugi and scaring the hell out of everyone. Apparently, he's grown stronger while in Muken, somehow. Oh no, guess Renji's training was all for naught. Oh, and apparently, where they're going they don't need doors because Aizen's gonna make a path. Stand aside, everyone, he's back.

Overall, good chapter. Definitely more dialogue-heavy than most, but I liked Shunsui telling everyone to shut up about their "wounded pride" or whatever in the face of saving reality. Also good to see a high-power spell like Kurohitsugi in the manga again, as well as Aizen just not caring or putting any effort into being awesome. Oh, and maybe we'll actually go to the palace next chapter? It's been kind of a long build-up that has yet to pay off, but here's hoping.

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