Song to listen to while reading this chapter: "All's Hell That Ends Well" by Two Steps From Hell

Ah, boy, here we go.

620Uryu moves

So first we start off with Uryū holding everyone at bowpoint and he and Ichigo finally talking to each other rather than Ichigo channeling AKIRA and constantly shouting "TETSUO!" "KANEDA!" "URYŪ!". Turns out, Uryū knows full well what Yhwach's doing and what'll happen if he does it, and he's somehow cool with it. Know why? Because he's a Quincy. I couldn't make this up, I couldn't make this up if I tried, I am SAD that I lack the talent to make this shit up. I suppose it makes sense if what Yhwach said about Quincies being unable to forgive the Soul King's existence is true, but wow. I can't even tell if he's still BSing at this point, that Uryū.

620Schutzstaffel arrive

Then, we finally see the other elites because they've shown up to deal with everyone not named Ichigo. Finally, some decent shots of their Vollstandig. Oh, and apparently they're actually known as the Schutzstaffel or "protection squad", which, by the way, is the unabbreviated form of the Nazi SS. Yeah, not helping deflect the comparisons there, Kubo. But unfortunately it is not to be, as Uryū decides to send them falling off the palace rather than let the Sternritter kill them, which would seem to indicate some remaining degree of empathy on his part. Oh, and apparently he's Joseph Joestar now because he predicted what Lille was going to tell him about protecting Yhwach properly. Now, if he can just get a precognitive stand and start yelling in fantastic Engrish...

620Yhwach decides

After all this, though, Yhwach sees Mimihagi trying to attack him and is like "no u", so he pimpslaps the hand of God into bits and says it's inferior to him. However, rather than stop there, he proceeds to absorb Mimihagi, which causes the worlds to begin collapsing again and gives him a pimping facial tattoo of eyes along his left side, which also inverts his left eye's colors. Apparently, he's gonna put off destroying the Seireitei in favor of taking everything else that once belonged to the Soul King. OHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Decent chapter this week, I guess. Uryū's reasoning for legit joining Yhwach is kinda stupid, but it does seem to fit with Yhwach's explanation of the Quincies and the Soul King, and given how he refrained from actually killing his friends prior to throwing them off the palace, he might still be planning to betray Yhwach and is just bluffing with the most basic reason possible to stall for time. Glad to see the elites once more, they've been gone for too long and Gerard is actually shaping up to be a pretty cool, if insane, guy - he reminds me a lot of Aquaman from Batman: The Brave and The Bold, even if he apparently resembles Thor. However, I think Yhwach's decision at the end of the chapter indicates how the story will progress from here: he's going to find the other parts of the Soul King and become even more powerful, and the Shinigami down below are gonna fight him and lose, and Ichigo will confront him last after dealing with the emotional trauma of Uryū not being his waifu, but then DIO will burst out of Yhwach's chest and become the new Soul King after decapitating Ichigo with a stop sign. Yeah, fairly standard stuff, but I could be wrong.

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