Song to listen to while reading this chapter: B13a from the Fade to Black soundtrack (great music, terrible movie).

Well crap on a stick, that just happened.

So first off, we've got a brief scene in the Human World with Ichigo's sisters reacting to the "earthquake". Oh boy, Isshin's gonna need to save them so hard.

Then, we've got more expansion on the infamous scene from the end of 614, wherein it turns out that 1. the Soul King was cut in half, and 2. Ichigo was provoked into doing so because Yhwach infused the Reiatsu still in his sword into Ichigo, which made his blood react and stuff. Guess that makes sense. Ichigo, justifiably pissed about this, attacks him, but Yhwach casually blocks his sword and is all "this is totally your fault bro". What a guy.

In Soul Society, everyone's freaking out about the ongoing disintegration of their surroundings, and Urahara thinks that the Soul King died because Ichigo and co. got there too late. Dramatic irony at its finest, imo.

615Yhwach is surrounded

"I cook, I clean, I take out the trash, and I deal with self-entitled little pricks like yourself."

Back in the palace, Yoruichi's put on her best Walter C. Dornez impression and surrounded Yhwach with razor wire to buy some time. Of course, when Orihime attempts to use her "trespassing on God's territory" powers, they don't work because she ain't on the Soul King's level yet, obv.

And back in Soul Society, Ukitake begins turning into a book. Obviously.

In all seriousness, this was a decent enough chapter. Nice to see the other Kurosakis for the first time in 70 chapters, short as it was, and everything else wasn't terribly eh or whatnot (if you can't tell, I'm a bit pressed for time here). I'm curious as to what Ukitake's doing in that last panel other than signalling the entrance of DIO into this manga through the pages of Jump, but we'll know next week for sure.

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