Song to listen to while reading this chapter: This

Well, uh...13 page-long chapter. Dunno what's up with that.

Anyway, we start off with a continuation of Ichibei's little turn-around last week, which is...that not defeating Yhwach = peace. Wait, what?

Next, we're back to the lab again this whole rhapsody where it turns out Ukitake's been the one healing the wounded. Those of you who were wondering what happened to him last week, there's your answer. Pretty much everyone is here, even Hanatarō, whom we haven't seen in almost 100 chapters (98, to be precise). Oh, and Kenpachi's up and about, too, despite Ukitake not thinking he could even move. That's Kenpachi for you, continually defying conventions and norms of reality. Kubo hasn't forgotten about Yachiru vanishing, and Kenpachi wants to look for her despite Urahara needing him at the palace, but since he's stubborn, it's time for Nanao to telling him, and I paraphrase, to "sit yo ass down". And Kenpachi does. And it's amazing. Looks like everyone's on their way to the palace.

Oh, and Ichigo and co. have finally caught up to Yhwach, who makes a bug metaphor before preparing to battle, as all true villains do.

Overall, decent enough chapter. I'm really not sure what's up with the 13 page thing, though; it might be that Mangapanda just left out pages like they did with this week's OP, and that Stream will have it in full, but it's strange nonetheless (Kubo's sickness acting up again?) Nothing really notable happened other than Nanao being a badass and, of course, Ichigo finally confronting Yhwach. This should be good.

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