Song to listen to while reading this chapter: "Lose Yourself" by Eminem

Oh boy, a chapter where you can actually predict what will happen based on the title. I expect Rick Santorum will start saying intelligent things next.

609Shirafude Ichimonji

So first off, we've got Ichibei doing the usual "that must've hurt business", which I suppose is a bit more justified than usual given how he just took away the 'Wach. However, what comes next was both expected and unexpected: Ichibei activates his Bankai, Shirafude Ichimonji. This was unexpected in that I didn't think it would happen so soon, but expected in that I perfectly predicted its abilities: it allows Ichibei to grant or change the name of his opponent at will. Like seriously, I was just mulling this over a few hours ago, as it's the logical conclusion of a name-based Zanpakutō, so I'm glad to see it come true.

609Yhwach recovers

Anyway, Ichibei uses this halo-y Bankai to change Yhwach's name to Black Ent Ant, while Yhwach looks suspiciously like he's wearing blackface. Hey, I just call 'em like I see 'em. Of course, this course in humiliation wouldn't be complete without more oversized body parts being thrown around, so Ichibei does just that: first stomping Yhwach through the floor (which was brutal, by the way) and then crushing him between two giant hands as he falls. However, Yhwach is not one to have this sh*t take this sitting down, and so, like an ungodly Kool-Aid Man, he bursts through the floor and attacks Ichibei, who is understandably confused about how anyone could come back from that. Thankfully, Haschwalth is there to put it simply: this sort of power control is the result of the one and only The Almighty. Hot DIGGITY.

Alright everybody, cue the "I told you so"s. I didn't think "A" was actually going to be "The Almighty", but I suppose it makes sense given all the god connotations Yhwach's purposely envoking. I'm glad he's back in action and that this battle won't be as one-sided anymore. Also, Ichibei's finally been wounded (beyond that little scratch on his back in 605, of course) and has revealed his Bankai, which I feel got the right amount of screentime, given how "simple" the ability is. Can't wait for next week, as usual.

Oh, and Haschwalth still exists. Yaaaay.