Song to listen to while reading this chapter: "Total Eclipse" from Darker than Black's OST

Well, I, uh...I woke up late for this one and got ninja'd real bad. Ow.

Anyway, I'm kinda disoriented this morning and need to leave soon, so here's the gist of this chapter: Ichibei's Zanpakutō is awesome, Yhwach's used another German-named technique to steal power, and Ichibei happens to wield the power of darkness with Ichimonji. Neato. I find it kinda funny how Ichibei keeps countering everything with what amounts to pure physical strength and/or awesomeness, and that Yhwach's had more facefaults in these last 4 chapters than all the previous ones combined. Guess we'll be seeing how Yhwach gets his name back next chapter.

Oh, and Ichibei, did you really have to get rid of the name of Yhwach's sword before we could learn it? Seriously?

Also, there are deer in Soul Society. I guess that's a thing now.

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