Song to listen to while reading this chapter: Actions & Motives

Ichibei STILL like a boss.

So we start off with a brief dialogue between Shunsui and *gasp* Ukitake about the destruction of the Wandenreich City and how the Wandenreich have gone to the palace. Apparently, this thing called Kamikake let Ukitake know about it. Lord knows what that's supposed to be. Oh, and Shunsui's off to see the Central 46 about something or other, probably authorization to go to the palace. We'll see in a few chapters, I'm thinking, unless Kubo decides to keep this double running narrative thing going with a few pages in the beginning of each chapter set in Soul Society and the rest in the palace.

605Sankt Bogen

Sankt Bogen for the win.

Then we're back to the palace, where Ichibei has actually drawn a line on the ground and told Yhwach that this is where he'll wreck him. Yhwach, being Yhwach, does not believe this, but Ichibei just responds with Senri Tsūtenshō, which creates this massive hand to pimpslap Yhwach off the side of the palace. Yhwach tries to counter, but finds that his throat has actually been sealed up, just like Ichibei warned him. After getting spiked, Yhwach does two manly man things: he punctures his own throat to give himself a voice...and then uses Sankt Bogen to SHOOT HIMSELF THROUGH THE CHEST with a Heilig Pfeil, thus propelling himself back up. And of course, Ichibei only now realizes that he's gonna have to destroy him...which is why his eyes are rolled up. Ooooooookay.

Overall, solid chapter. The bit at the beginning was slightly confusing, as I have no idea what the hell Kamikake even is, but it's nice to have Ukitake back. The palace bit is of course what shines here, as Ichibei proved he could literally slap Yhwach around like it was nothing: bonus points for Yhwach's EPIC expression when he first sees the hand rushing toward him. Oh, and I guess Kubo remembers the whole German theme of the Quincy with Sankt Bogen. Yaaaay.